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'Influencer Hub' to ensure influencer marketing solutions

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  • 24th February, 2022 04:50:56 PM
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'Influencer Hub'  to ensure influencer marketing solutions

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“Meet the Influencer” was recently organized by Influencer Marketing Agency 'Influencer Hub' with the country's best content creators, stars and media personnel. From noon onwards, their office premises became abuzz with the chats and songs of Khayyam Sanu Sandhi, Dana, Rafayat Rakib, Morshed Mishu, Raj, Neon, Rehan Rasool, Syed Nafis, RJ Nitul, Faiza, Bipro and many more.

The domestic platform 'Influencer Hub' has started working to ensure the provision of influencer marketing solutions. Influencer Hub is currently working to bring brands to their specific campaigns and service-oriented target groups. They have already worked with more than 20 leading companies.

Telling the story of the journey of Influencer Hub, Jamshed-ul-Islam, Managing Director of Influencer Hub, said “Audience is easily attracted as the branding is done through the story based content of influencer marketing. The relationship between Influencer Hub and influencers is to associate influencers with brands. That being said, we are an ideal matchmaker for influencers and brands, where both brands and influencers will be benefited. We are fortunate to have a number of good content creators and influencers in Bangladesh, through whose content the people of the country can learn many positive and useful things besides entertainment. We're focusing on the best quality content. About 500 content creators and 1,000 influencers have already officially joined our organization from different parts of the country. "

Manjur Morshed Lincon, director of Influencer Hub's shared the  future planning of company and said: "This is just the beginning of the future influencer marketing industry in our country. We are already successfully providing influencer marketing solutions to the country's leading brands. Although the influencer marketing industry was present in the market of Bangladesh before the Corona epidemic, the demand for it has multiplied in the lockdown. We want good content from influencers. All those who are currently involved in influencer marketing are working hard to make this industry stand together but there is no end to expectations. We want to improve the quality of content so that we can compete with content creators worldwide.

All the guests conveyed their love and best wishes to Influencer Hub in a video message. Then all the influencers and senior officials of the organization cut the cake together in anticipation of a better future. At the end of the cake- cutting episode, crest and environment friendly trees were presented to the influencers as a token of gratitude for their support and sincere cooperation along the way. Then Khayyam Sanu Sandhi enchanted with his guitar and sang for everyone. At last, the beautiful day ended with Nafis and Rehan’s wonderful music.