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Tips to give your home a fresh feel this spring season

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  • 20th February, 2022 01:14:30 PM
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Tips to give your home a fresh feel this spring season

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Spring is a time of renewal, so it’s no wonder that many of us feel a desire to refresh our homes this time of year. But, short of completely re-doing a space, it can be difficult to know where to begin to give your spaces a new look.

Begin with plants

Stuffing your home with plants is a great option to instantly give your home a fresh, positive, and happy feel. Indoor plants are a great option to do it. Putting flowering plants in your balcony will work just as fine.

Scented candles

Another great way of giving your home a fresh feel is by using scented candles. Lavender, lemongrass, and vanilla are great scents for summers. You can pick any other of your choice, too. So, light up a candle and see the difference in the vibes.

Light-colored cushions and curtains

The next great way of doing so is by bringing light-colored cushions and curtains. Colors like yellow and white work perfectly. Refrain from using dark colors as they might give a dull feel.


Next, and the simplest one, make way for ventilation. Opening doors and windows early morning and evening will fill your house with natural light also leaving it fresh and happy throughout the day.

Room fresheners

Apart from these, you can also invest in good room fresheners, they are a great way of making your house smell like heaven and adding a fresh will. However, if you are burning a scented candle, don’t use the air freshener as that may mix two fragrances and can become uncomfortable for some.


If you are a fan of mirrors, putting mirrors in your home is another great way to reflect light in your home and make it look fresh and refreshing. They come in several sizes and shapes to enhance the look of your home and also beautify it at the same time without you having to compromise on space or feels.

Source: The Statesman