Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Robbery in Kachukhet jewellery shops: Two guards enter job in disguise

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 7th February, 2022 12:24:21 PM
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Police have claimed that they found involvement of two security guards in robbery of about 350 tolas of gold ornaments, worth Tk 2.55 crore, from two jewellery shops at Vasantek in the capital early Saturday.

Investigators said security guards Alam and Monir took jobs at a company called Best Security and Logistics Limited for the purpose of robbery.

Analyzing footages from Closed Circuit (CC) cameras in and around the shops, police said two security guards-- Alam and Monir-- were seen helping three people get in and out of the building around 4:30pm.  They remained absconding since the incident.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Vasantek Police Station Delwar Hossain told the media that security personnel Alam and Monir had taken jobs there providing fake information. They used to talk only to themselves on mobile. During taking job as security guards, Alam and Monir mentioned Madaripur and Khulna as their permanent addresses respectively. However, it was found that they had used fake names, addresses and documents for ill motive.

“The recruiting agency has hired security personnel without scrutinizing their documents,” he said.

According to police sources, Alam took the job one and a half months ago while Monir four days back. After reviewing the information of their mobile numbers, it was found that they obtained SIM cards using others’ names.

Best Security and Logistics has been in charge of providing security personnel at Rajnigandha Tower in Kachukhet for seven years. Police said the documents, including copy of national identity cards, provided by the men were found false.

In this regard, the managing director of Best Security Aminul Islam said they scrutinized all information before hiring security guards including Alam and Monir.

Meanwhile, owner of Rangapori Jewellers Abul Kalam Bhuiyan filed a case with Vasantek Police Station on Saturday night over the incident. He alleged that 302 bhories of gold had been stolen from his shops. Besides, the thieves also took diamonds worth Tk 30 lakh and cash Tk 5 lakh.