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Covid test firm urges end to tests for travelers

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  • 21st January, 2022 12:17:16 PM
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Covid test firm urges end to tests for travelers

Covid tests for travellers arriving in the UK should be scrapped, one of the big testing firms has said, BBC reported.

Simon Worrell, global medical director of Collinson - which also runs airport lounges - said: "As soon as we can drop it, we will be delighted."

At present, all those aged five and over arriving in England must take a test within 48 hours of arriving.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday the government was reviewing testing arrangements for travel.

He said the Health Secretary Sajid Javid would announce the outcome of the review in the coming days.

Worrell said Collinson, which has a large travel business that includes running customer services in airports, launched its testing sites early in the pandemic in a bid to prop up the travel industry, which a large part of his business depends on.

But now, with more people able to return to the skies, the requirement for people to test on arrival has become more of a hindrance to the business, because it may put them off travelling.

The travel industry has continually voiced its objection to testing. Manchester Airports Group and Airlines UK on Friday renewed their calls for testing rules to become a thing of the past for fully vaccinated travellers.