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Pakistan Has 'tactically Paused' Its Stance On Durand Line Border Dispute: Report

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  • 19th January, 2022 08:18:44 PM
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Pakistan has “tactically paused” its stance on the Durand Line border dispute with Afghanistan after the Talibani government said that Islamabad has no right to fence the border and create a divide among people of one nation. Notably, Pakistan and Afghanistan have always been at odds over the almost 2,600-kilometre Durand Line, which has been a source of tension and turmoil between them, particularly since Islamabad began erecting fences along the line. The Taliban wants the Durand Line fencing to go, while Pakistan has said that it has fenced most of the border despite protests from Kabul. 

Now, according to Al Arabiya Post, “Red-faced Pakistan is having to tactically pause its stand on the border dispute with Afghanistan, even as it pleads with the world to rush humanitarian help to the beleaguered western neighbour.”

Tensions over Durand Line

The century-old British-era boundary demarcation signed on November 12, 1893, between the British civil servant Sir Henry Mortimer Durand and then Afghan ruler Abdur Rahman Khan, has long been a contentious issue between Islamabad and Kabul. Afghanistan has repeatedly said that the Durand Line is a colonial-ear imposition.

It added that culturally and emotionally, the borderline runs through their idea of a ‘Pushunistan’ and divides the Pushtun tribal people from their families and homes.

Currently, it remains unclear if the militant group had a formal agreement with Islamabad on Durand Line fencing as videos that circulated earlier showed Taliban fighters uprooting a portion of the fence along the border, registering their strong objection.

The Taliban has said that it will continue to prevent Islamabad from fencing the borderline, as per the Kabul News. but now Afghans are quiet and the Pakistani leadership is taking in varying tones, Al Arabiya Post reports. 

It should be noted here that despite the Taliban's objection over border fencing, Pakistan has claimed that the fencing work alongside Durand Line has been completed by 94%.

Meanwhile, fights have routinely broken out on the border and Pakistan has mulled over its national security and has unilaterally made several attempts to install the fence. Back in December, a sniper, belonging to the Taliban, shot dead two Pakistani soldiers in the area where the border fence was being installed by Islamabad.