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Wind of change would not stop in Islamabad

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  • 17th January, 2022 08:11:15 PM
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Wind of change would not stop in Islamabad

Islamabad - The sudden outburst by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak against federal Minister Hammad Azhar and Prime MInister Imran Khan in the PTI Parliamentary party meeting should not be taken as ordinary development.

Credible sources in PTI claim that Pervez Khattak could pose a potential threat to the Leader of the House and Prime Minister Imran Khan in the near future as he enjoys the support of 80 lawmakers in the lower house for a change within the house. Although Pervez Khattak denied any differences, a day after his mysterious absence from national security policy launch has given strength to reports of serious cracks within the ruling party. If both PML-N and PPP are unable to forge any unity for moving no trust motion then Pervez Khattak would move forward and take away his loyals MPs with him by making a forward bloc which would pose the biggest challenge to survival of Mr Khan in the parliament.

Sources in the PPP told The Nation that PPP is interested first to remove Speaker Asad Qaiser from his seat and later PM Imran Khan. For no confidence vote against Speaker Asad qaiser PPP needs support of other opposition parties without which it would be difficult for PPP to win.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is gradually losing the support of his allies in the parliament as well. In the parliamentary party meeting, allies also complained about the mini-budget and wanted the Prime Minister to review it. The outburst of PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan on the floor of the National Assembly is eye opener for Prime MInister and his party. Noor Alam Khan went to extend in  demanding the placing of MInisters and Prime Minister on ECL .

The wind of change would not stop in Islamabad it would reach to Lahore and Peshawar within no time. More voices such as Noor Alam Khan would appear in the both houses of the Parliament, which are clear indicators  that MPs want the change of the leader of the house of their party.


Source: The Nation