Friday, 20 May, 2022

Police asking people to use foot over bridge: Who cares?

  • Firoz Al Mamun
  • 17th January, 2022 01:10:51 PM
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A great number of commuters have developed a culture of crossing the busy road in the capital Dhaka wrongfully taking high risk of life.

Everyday road crashes leave dozens of people dead and maimed for negligence of drivers and themselves in following the traffic rules.

Being dead or maimed, the persons cause irreparable loss to their respective families and take a heavy toll on the country's socioeconomy.

Bangladesh has already lost many golden sons including noted filmmaker Tareque Masud and media personality Ashfaque Munier Mishuk in the road crash. The queue of the accident victims is getting longer gradually.

A few months ago, a model was killed as the motorcycle carrying her was hit by a truck in Shyamoli. The motorcycle rider was sued by victim's family members.

Experts and eyewitnesses say that most of the accidents take place for the mistakes of either drivers or commuters. Road accidents are not natural calamities.

The level of public nuisance really crosses all records when commuters cross road in the presence of traffic police who advices them not to do so.

Using hand mike, traffic police was seen instructing commuters to use footover bridge. Ignoring the order, people were crossing the road in the midst of running vehicles. The incident took place in Sector-6 in Uttara at around 11am on Monday.  This situation continued as long as this correspondent was present there.

In another spot, a person was seen standing on a road divider which is higher than usual one in the Airport Road. Such commuter came to the divider crossing half of the busy road and was seeking scope for crossing another half of the road.

Many commuters, especially service holders and students carrying bags were seen crossing the road in a festive mood. Their smartness and body language created an impression that they did it deliberately.

Students take to the road  and wage non-stop demonstration across the country if any of their classmate is killed in road accident. They make such movement collapsing total traffic system, blocking movement of other commuters and insulting police, government high officials and journalists.

It is really ironical and ridiculous when a section of students are seen crossing the road without using foot over bridge.

People associated with road safety campaign think that guardians and teachers have a role to pay to make children aware of the traffic rules.