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Ayon Osman Becomes Enterpreneur in Information Technology Business

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  • 9th January, 2022 05:58:54 PM
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Ayon Osman Becomes Enterpreneur in Information Technology Business

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Ayon Osman was born in Naraynganj and is a permanent habitant of this city. He has passed LAW form City University of Dhaka. However, he is known to everyone as a successful enterpreneur and a great idol for the young generations.

His childhood dream was to become an entrepreneur and to serve general mass of this city.

At first, he started his business named ZN IT Solution in a small range. Gradually, he spread his business throughout some big areas of Narayanganj city such as Narayanganj Sadar, Fatullah, Siddhirganj, Nitaiganj and a couple more areas. Now, he has made his ZN IT Solution project a successful venture which is still spreading rapidly. One more project he is conducting with the same name is ZN Shipping.

In the sense of serving people,  Ayon Osman is second to none. If we uphold some welfare works done by him, it is beyond description. He cured some cancer affected patients with donation, made some helpless people self-reliant by giving them Auto Rickshaws who were neglected and couldn’t do anything for their livelihood. One of them was an unrecognized freedom fighter who was barely feeding himself and his family. Distributing relief goods to 5000 flood affected families of DND area was his another praisable work. In recent past, he supplied foods and daily necessaries to 3000 helpless families during covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, he set up free wifi facility for the students of the biggest and most renowned university-Govt Tolaram University College, Narayanganj.

Talking about business, Ayon said, "Before starting my business, I had only one thought in mind that I have to do something. I got support from my beloved father and mother. My childhood dream was never to get any jobs. Instead I thought of giving jobs to people. That's why I started a small business of Information Technology and finally in 2020, I set up my dream project ZN IT Solution and became successful".

" When I started ZN IT Solution, there were only 5 employees. Now it has reached 25 in number. Day by day, I am trying to spread my business throughout the whole Narayanganj city and also to make employment opportunities  for more general youths of this city".

"I have my website titled http://www.znit.net.bd/. You all can visit this site and know more details of my dream project-ZN IT Solution.