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Chicken prices soar in capital

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  • 31st December, 2021 03:33:45 PM
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Chicken prices soar in capital

The price of broiler chicken has increased in the kitchen market in capital.

Through this, the price of the chicken has increased at Tk 15 per kilograme since one week.

As a result of continuous price increases, the price of broiler chicken is at Tk 200 per kilograme.

Apart from broiler chicken, the price of Pakistani cock or golden chicken also increased. Sonali chicken is being sold at Tk 300-340 per kg while it was sold at Tk 290-300 a week earliar and Tk 250-300 three weeks earliar.

While visiting several kitchen markets in the capital on Friday, it was seen that  price of broiler chicken was at Tk 195-200 per kg while it was at Tk 180-185 per kg a week earliar while Tk150-155 four weeks earliar.

Apart from chicken,  the price of vegetables has remained unchanged though winter vegetables are being sold at higher price.