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Bashundhara Eye Hospital provides int’l standard treatment, says US glaucoma specialist Dr Fahad

  • Firoz Al Mamun
  • 23rd December, 2021 11:06:25 PM
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Bashundhara Eye Hospital & Research Institute (BEHRI) equipped with qualified physicians and modern apparatus is providing international standard treatment and surgery, said Dr Fahan H Khan, a Bangladeshi-origin glaucoma specialist of the USA.

Dr Fahad H Khan, medical director of Vision Specialists of California, now spending vacation in Dhaka, made the remarks in an interview with the Daily Sun on Thursday.

He expressed happiness with the standard of eye treatment after conducting cataract surgeries on various poor patients in BEHRI, an eye hospital of the Bashundhara Group.

Dr Rubina Akhter, an eye surgeon of BEHRI, took part in the operation under supervision of Prof Moutushi Islam of the hospital.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Dr Fahad said, “I found the facilities in the Bashundhara Eye Hospital to be tough much, surgeons to be very qualified and careering and the staff members are helpful and professional. They helped me to see numerous patients for surgery and follow-up. They also allow low-income people to receive treatment from the foreign doctors visiting the hospital. I am very pleased. I will be definitely be back to continue my service yearly.”

The costs of the surgeries are fortunately controlled by the hospital and funds available for the patients who are unable to pay, he said, adding that “this allows people from outside to receive the eye care that is greatly needed in order to save the vision and get back to life.

Sometimes, elderly people and family members having vision problems are seen unable to take care of themselves having great impact on their lives and the society and an eye surgeon gives them chance to get back to the community.

The cost of surgery in Bashundhara Eye Hospital is one tenth compared to the expense in any hospital in the USA, but outcome is the similar, he claimed.

“You can get the same care for 10th of the price and outcome is similar. So, it is a great opportunity for the patients to get great eye care in affordable price from very qualified surgeons and professional healthcare personnel.”

Replying to a query, he said the causes of cataract are numerous and age is a dominating factor.

“Older age is dominating factor. Smoking, trauma and injuries and inflammation in the eye, among many, are responsible. Diabetic and abnormal maintenance of blood sugar are blamed for progression of the cataracts. Use of some sunglasses can aggravate the situation. So, people should be careful about the factors.”

There are many reasons for why blindness is reported after cataract surgery, he said adding that “It usually has to do with emergent condition of the eye, retina, optic nerve etc. It may result from high pressure, stroke and trauma. Depending on the condition, treatment should be given. Specific treatments are to be given to address the reasons.”

Dr Fahad H Khan said people do not need to go abroad for eye treatment as local ophthalmologists are qualified and equipment is modern in Bangladesh.

He expressed his plan to visit Bangladesh and be available in BEHRI next December.

“I am very happy with the quality of staff members and surgeons here. I will be definitely back next year,” he reiterated.