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Tajul Islam Rajib dreaming big with Biofloc

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  • 13th December, 2021 06:09:53 PM
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A successful dreamer is always an inspiration to the youth, a new craftsman to make their dreams come true. Md. Tajul Islam Rajib is such a successful man and one of the inspirations for the young society.

His inclination towards business is almost from his childhood. From the time he was supposed to spend time playing sports at school, he had been concentrating on the details of his business with his father, after seeing this interest of Md.

Tajul Islam Rajib, his father gave him the responsibility of managing their own business in his college life. He has been performing his duties very efficiently using his business intellect.

COVID-19's effect maybe felt all over the place. Md.Tajul Islam Rajib was not out of it, almost all his institutions were closed after the announcement of lockdown. Became housebound like everyone else.

Instead of sitting under home quarantine, he used his disappointment and anxiety as an apparatus to bring a new method of fish farming into his head.However, being an urban and modern man would seem almost an impossible idea in his mind to the common man.

The name of this new fish farming method is Biofloc. After reading various books and surfing the internet, he has found a book written by Dr. Aram's biofloc. He started the preliminary research by bringing that book from America. Later, he turned his residence into a large courtyard for experimental fish farming.

He began cultivating tilapia, kai, golsa and shrimp in a few basins and also started making big aquariums by bringing some species of local and foreign fish and leaving the fry in it and initiated a breeding system from it. As this issue could not satisfy Md. Tajul Islam Rajib, he started theoretical and practical activities on how to take the biofloc issue forward in more scientifically and heartily after the lockdown and the country ran into normalcy, Md.

Tajul Islam Rajib were keep doing with his own business. After returning home, he started working with the biofloc. He bought various biofloc equipment on his own initiative.Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many young people became unemployed who either did tuition or worked in small core organizations before lockdown.

Md. Tajul Islam Rajib gave them opportunities work with him. Then he established  Azad Fisheries, a new business with some unemployed youths. From the very first, it was a new business venture to do just for hobby or to keep himself busy in Covid-19 situations.

Now, he has added these unemployed youths to the organization by training them from the district fisheries and animal resources department with his own funds and started new business activities in a completely scientific way.By utilizing the abandoned yard of the house, he has set up a variety of colorful fish farms with a total of 8 large and small ponds of 380,000 liters for the cultivation of tilapia, kai, golsa and shrimp. The farming has started with a new potential business and more than one unemployed youth got new employment opportunities.

At present, Md. Tajul Islam Rajib is supplying domestic and foreign fish not only in his district but also in different parts of the country. He wanted to spread the knowledge and plan of his own independent fisheries business among the youth.

So he tried to teach others about Biofloc himself without taking any cost at his home.The District Department of Fisheries and Animal Resources also provides opportunities for many young people who participate in seminars and workshops at various times to be involved in all the activities of Azad Fisheries Biofloc. So that the youth can be encouraged and inspired. According to Md.

Tajul Islam Rajib- "The job of a successful businessman or entrepreneur is not only to make profit, he also has to create new avenues of business."
A utopian dreamer Md. Tajul Islam Rajib is a successful businessman who fulfills many youths' dreams.

Soon, Md. Tajul Islam Rajib wants to conquer the business world with the help of new business methods and be succeeded with his innovative deeds.