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Need Real People to establish Human Rights

  • Md. Tanjimul Islam
  • 10th December, 2021 07:58:14 PM
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Need Real People to establish Human Rights

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Generally, the protection, establishment and exercise of all rights of 'human' is considered as 'human rights'. Human rights are the fundamental rights of human being and issues related to freedom, which are the justified rights of all human beings. Therefore, we can say that human rights are the basic necessities of human’s life, rights, equality and dignity. Research shows that the concept of human rights appeared first in the eighteenth century as a product of the development of technology and science. But is it just a matter of time before this global day is so important in the 21st century? So, why is a day called "Human Rights" celebrated every year?

The experience of the damage of the Second World War in 1948 led to the development of the concept of universal fundamental rights as a charter by the United Nations, now known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). At present, the concept of human rights is universally accepted as a basic structural basis in the daily life of the people, especially in the case of any justice; where the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human being are spoken of. Article ‘1’ of the UDHR states that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." In order to establish equality, fairness, rights, dignity, etc. of all people irrespective of race, religion, gender and caste, the first thing that is needed is humanity! Human rights are the birthright of human beings. It can never be taken away from anyone. On December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Basic human rights have been identified there. For this reason, December 10 is celebrated as International Human Rights Day. At the same time, as a part to prevent violence against women internationally, various 16-days of activism like public awareness and sensitization programs held from 25th November to 10th December. The government as well as various national and international organizations play the leading role about it. World Vision, as an international organization is committed to the holistic development of children, has organized & carried out colorful programs for the protection of children in its field of work for overall development and prevention of gender based violence as a major part of human rights.

The Constitution of Bangladesh, like the other countries recognizes the internationally accepted principles of human rights and incorporates various provisions to protect the human rights of every citizen. In addition, Article 11 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh states, "The Republic shall be a democracy, where fundamental human rights and freedoms are guaranteed, and respect for the dignity and value of humanity is ensured." The constitution includes provisions to protect socio-economic social human rights, as well as civil, political and cultural rights, such as food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, public health, employment, rest and recreation, and social security.

The ultimate goal of human rights is to preserve the fundamental rights of all people in the family, in society and even on the basis of universal justice, and to uphold equality-unity-peace-freedom at all times. And so, in the total 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is a clear reference to every detail in the overall welfare of human daily life; So that a human soul can live with the dignity of a real human being.

The International Human Rights Day has come like every year. Colorful decorations are all around. At the round table, civil society is discussing in the open stage. While we open the newspapers and magazines are opened, the significance of the day, analysis and watching the talk show on television, the mind is engaged! The possibility of attracting the mind printed in the leaflet! Seeing the call for human rights and values, We often feel proud of ourselves. Wow, today is Human Rights Day - 2021! Except for a moment, when we regained our calm, our body vibrated. Inhuman / demonic torture of other human beings by the greatest creature "man" in the world! Seeing the image of barbarism in this age of civilization, we feel helpless! Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression on the open stage, freedom to stand in independent is just like printing on paper and pen! Day after day we see only the discriminatory treatment of minorities! Especially unfriendly towards other tribal groups including Santal! In spite of being talented in the field of employment, it seems to be a very common thing for us to be deprived of opportunities whenever there is a disagreement of political ideology! The dream of promotion of a truly dedicated servant by utilizing physical beauty in the workplace remains mysterious! We see the culture of keeping journalists restricted step by step as a result of political power! There is no way a husband can't be thrilled to hear about his wife's torture or even vanishing or murder! Millions of future is being crushed by the child labor! Hungry and starving children are restricted to four walls of a flat and not only work as housemaids but they are also forced to lose their characteristic’s respect to the house owner of the sheltered flats despite their unwillingness! We are always the witness of such cruel events! In this society, in this country, there is always a pattern of beating a thief to death by sneezing with a severe punishment for a minor sin! For the sons of rich, the reflection of the law happens differently! 

Analyzing the expected results of Human Rights Day, today the incidents of such human rights violations are subconsciously seen from the depths of our hearts! Today, the rate of formal education has increased by almost a quarter of the twenty-first century, but the actual number of real people has not increased proportionately! A class of well-to-do people is establishing themselves as the leaders of inhumane activities day after day by wearing the badge of educated citizen in higher education! Fortunately, they again become the key persons in the discussion of human rights by dint of power! What a ridiculous, what a embarrassment!

Even after fifty years of independence, we have reached a long way in education-health-economy! How much have we been able to establish ourselves as a nation with human values in that proportion? This should be a national question today! Surely human rights violations will shake our ethics if we are truly "human"! Everyone will want to be determined to establish the human rights by shouting together! 10th December  is not only a day on the calendar’s page, but also a new platform for the development of the human race, personality and values! Being a human being, serving another one or respecting their beliefs, culture, opinions, philosophy is one of the characteristics of a real human being! Therefore, let us be committed today that it is the responsibility of all of us to establish human rights. And for this, first of all, it is necessary to develop as a real "human being". Because, protection of human rights is not possible without real people! Let's all run to the people to ensure the service of the people! In this way, International Human Rights Day will be successful one day. So, we find the real human being always to establish the ultimate human rights!


Md. Tanjimul Islam
Coordinator, Advocacy and Social Accountability
World Vision Bangladesh.