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Xinjiang Speaks: Counter-terrorism measures effective, legitimate

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  • 10th December, 2021 01:14:17 PM
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Xinjiang Speaks: Counter-terrorism measures effective, legitimate

There have been no terrorist incidents in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for five consecutive years, and criminal and public security cases have declined significantly, a senior public security official of Xinjiang said.

"Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and deradicalization struggle has delivered important results, frequent violent and terrorist activities have been curbed, religious extremism has been effectively rectified, and the anti-separatism struggle in the ideological field has achieved concrete outcomes," said Yalkun Yakup, deputy director of the Public Security Department of Xinjiang, in a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua.

The measures to counter terrorism and maintain stability in Xinjiang have protected the lives and property of people of all ethnic groups, freed them from the clutches of religious extremism, and fully respected their religious beliefs. These measures have significantly improved their ability to distinguish right from wrong and resist the influence of extremist thoughts, he noted.

"People of all ethnic groups have a much higher sense of security. Their longing for peace and stability for many years has been granted," Yalkun Yakup said.

Xinjiang has continuously strengthened anti-terrorism legislation. It has made sure that anti-terrorism measures are carried out in accordance with the law, and that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedoms and live normal social lives, the senior police official said.

For some time, Xinjiang was deeply impacted by ethnic separatism, violent terrorism, and religious extremism. From the 1990s to 2016, the "three forces" at home and abroad committed thousands of terrorist cases in Xinjiang, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people and incalculable property losses.

Terrorist attacks have continued to plague the world in recent years, Yalkun Yakup said, adding that many countries, including China, still face the threat of terrorism.

"The risk of sabotage by individuals under the incitement of terrorist forces abroad cannot be completely ruled out," the Xinjiang public security official said.

Source: Xinhua