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Mummy of 2500 year old woman and man found in excavation in Egypt, tongue was made of gold

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  • 7th December, 2021 04:06:31 PM
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Mummy of 2500 year old woman and man found in excavation in Egypt, tongue was made of gold

A female and a male mummy have been found from two different tombs in Egypt, the land of the pyramids, which are 2500 years old. Inside these ancient mummies, a gold plate has been found in place of the tongue. This tomb is made of limestone. According to archaeologists, the remains of the man and his tomb are completely safe. This tomb was sealed and many amazing artifacts have also been recovered from inside it.

Archaeologists said that the woman’s remains are not in good condition and there are indications that the thieves also excavated the woman’s tomb. This discovery has been done by the University of Barcelona. The university said that this tomb belongs to the 26th dynasty of Egypt. The gold tongue is in good condition and is often found in ancient Egyptian mummies. It is said that these golden tongues were kept near the dead during the funeral so that the soul of that person could talk to the ancient god Osiris.

2500 year old mummy and male skull found in Egypt

‘Osiris will test the souls of the dead’

In ancient Egypt, Osiris was believed to rule over the underworld and test the souls of the dead. Also, it was believed that with the help of a golden tongue, a dead person would make Osiris agree to have mercy on his soul. Archaeologists are not yet sure who these men and women were, but the tombs of both are built near each other.

The male’s skull is still protected and the gold tongue can be seen sticking out of his mouth. This tomb had never been opened since it was buried 2500 years ago. Archaeologists have also found 402 Ushbti sculptures. A set of small amulets have also been found from the man’s grave. Earlier in February, another mummy was found in which gold tongue was found. This mummy was found inside a grave made by cutting stones.


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