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Bangladeshi expat Shah Haleem receives US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Shahid Mobasher from Washington DC
  • 3rd December, 2021 06:36:36 PM
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Bangladeshi expat Shah Haleem receives US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
Shah M Haleem with Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Shah M Haleem, a Bangladeshi expatriate living in the US state of Texas, has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award-2021.

Haleem, former Chairman of Bangladesh Association of Houston (BAH), received the award this year at a program in second week of November for both his lifelong service to the Bangladeshi community and voluntary work in the US.

The Award kit included a signed certificate by the President of the United States, Joe Biden; a plaque; a Presidential Achievement coin with seal; a Presidential Achievement coat pin; a White House Presidential pen, and a champagne glass with the Presidential Seal. 

For over 25 years, volunteering for the Bangladesh Association and Bangladesh American Center Haleem been a big part of his life.  He has served six years as BAH Chairperson, working tirelessly to build the Bangladesh-American Center there. 

For more than 20 years, he has been involved in many other local mainstream non-profits in Houston and with the international communities at large.

Over the years, Haleem and BAH have contributed to the Houston Food Bank, helping hundreds of families during Hurricane Harvey.

As one of the Harvey Heroes, he led a 50 plus volunteer team, working with many mainstream organizations to promote diversity, fight against hate groups, help needy families, and speak up against social injustices no matter where it happened.

In his personal life, he has invested in inner city real estate development to improve the quality of living in many neighborhoods. Additionally, he has worked with several inner-city churches to help with their social programs.

For the past 15 years he has been a leader in the FOBANA organisation, having served as President in 2020. During the COVID 19 crisis, he spearheaded the FOBANA organization’s effort  to raise funds to help Bangladeshi citizens in North America and Bangladesh. His lifelong community, charitable, and  social-conscience business practices did not go unnoticed by the award committee.

Shah Haleem came to the USA to earn higher education. Shah Haleem is the son Late Shah Abdul Haleem a renowned labor leader, social activist and past Vice President of BGMEA. Shah Haleem family deeply rooted in Goplagonj, Bangladesh for several hundred years. His grandfather and grandmother both were educators. Shah’s family made tremendous contributions to the 1971 liberation war in Byaspur, Kashiani areas.

For many generations Shah family also served Bangladesh with dignity in many capacities in all sectors including government, arm forces, medical, banking, business and education. Shah Haleem is profoundly proud of his background and committed to improve the lives of the villagers in Byaspur, Kashiani in his home country the birthplace of his forefathers. We all are proud of Mr. Shah Haleem, for this well-deserved recognition by the US President.  He has made all of us proud. We are thankful for his continued service to our community her in the USA and in Bangladesh.