Thursday, 27 January, 2022

Several mega projects close to finishing line

Several mega projects close to finishing line
Padma Bridge

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People are set to start getting the benefits of some mega schemes shortly as some of those are close to the finishing line while the rest of the projects are moving fast after the corona slowdown.

The much-coveted Padma multi-purpose bridge is expected to be open in the middle of the next year, while Metro Rail’s first phase is likely to start operations in December 2022.

Work of the country’s most expensive Rooppur nuclear power plant and Matarbari coal power plant are going on in full swing and other priority schemes are also moving ahead fast overcoming the corona hiccup under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister.    

The ministry of planning has recently unveiled the latest progress data of eight mega schemes.

“Once the mega projects are in operation, the country’s overall picture will change, which will be reflected in increased per-capita income and GDP growth,” said Planning Minister MA Mannan.

Sufficient resources are allocated for these mega projects under ADP to get quick benefit from them and the projects are being monitored from the highest level of the government, he informed.

“We hope that the nation will get the benefits of mega projects like Padma bridge and metro rail very soon,” Mannan expected. 

Padma multi-purpose bridge: It is one of the top most priority schemes of the Awami League government. The dream project is now waiting to be open next June after overcoming technical and natural challenges. Until October, the project saw overall progress of 88.75 percent.

Construction of the 6.15km double-deck steel truss main bridge has been almost done. Apart from road connectivity, it will have rail connectivity as well. Out of Tk 301.93 billion estimated project cost, Tk 262.49 billion has so far been spent, according to the ministry of planning figures.

Metro rail: the government has a plan to start commercial operation of Uttara-Agargaon segment of Dhaka metro rail or MRT-6 by December next year. Completion of the Agargaon-Motijheel segment may take some time as the government has decided to stretch the line up to Kamalapur.

The project, being implemented at a cost of nearly Tk 220 billion, has so far seen 72 per cent overall progress, but the Uttara-Agargaon section has advanced 89.61 per cent. Padma rail link project: In a bid to get the full benefit of the Padma Bridge, the government is implementing a 172km rail line project from Dhaka to Jashore through the under-construction Padma Bridge.

The project will establish rail link between Dhaka and the south and southwestern districts, including some districts that have no rail line at present.

The cost of the project is even higher than that of the Padma bridge. It is being implemented at a cost of Tk 392.46 billion where the Chinese government is providing Tk 210.36 billion and the rest is being borne from the state coffer.

The important project witnessed 46 percent average progress and its financial progress was Tk 199.10 billion until October this year.

Ruppoor nuclear power plant: it the most expensive project in the country’s history as it is being implemented at an estimated cost of Tk 1012 billion.

The government signed an agreement with a Russian company in 2015 to set up a nuclear power plant with 2400MW total capacity at Rooppur, Pabna.

The project’s implementation period is seven years. The first unit is expected to come into operation by 2023 and the second unit by October 2024.

So far, it has seen 40.34 percent aggregate progress and its cumulative expenditure stood at Tk 439.78 billion until October. Total work of the project may end by December 2025.

Dohazari-Ramu-Ghundhum Rail line: The government has picked up the project to construct a 188km rail line to Cox’s Bazar and near Myanmar border to promote tourism in the country as well as regional connectivity.

The Tk 180.34 billion project saw 64 percent progress with Tk 59.80 billion total expenditure, planning ministry data showed. The project is expected to be complete by June 2022.

Pyra deep seaport: the government is implementing a Tk 43.74 billion project to develop preliminary infrastructure of Pyra deep seaport project.

The project had been planned to lower pressure on the Chattagram port. The port’s activity has already started partially. It has advanced 83 percent and is expected to be complete by June 2024.

Matarbari coal power plant: the government implementing the project to create a power hub surrounding this 1200MW coal-fired power plant. The ultra supercritical power plant may come into operation by December 2023.

The government approved the power plant scheme in 2015 at an estimated cost of Tk 360 billion. Japan is providing Tk 290 billion to the mega scheme. The total progress of the scheme is 60.80 percent. So far, Tk 185.64 has been spent against the scheme.