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Voting ends in 3rd phase of UP polls (Updated)

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  • 28th November, 2021 09:30:24 AM
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Voting ends in 3rd phase of UP polls (Updated)

The thirsd phase of the Union Parishad (UP) elections in some 1,000 union ended this afternoon.

Besides, voting was also held in 10 municipalities on the day.

The voting began at 8:00am today and ended around 4:00pm without any break.

In the third phase election, 569 candidates have already been elected unopposed.

Of the uncontested candidates, 100 are in chairman posts, while 132 in reserved seats and 337 in member posts.

So, the polls will not be required against the chairman posts in the 100 UPs.

Apart from the unelected candidates, some 4,500 chairman contestants run in the election (900 UPs), 11,000 women contestants (for reserved seats) and 34,500 member contestants in the polls.

The polls to the UP chairman posts were held in partisan manner, while the election to other posts – reserved seats and members posts- in non-partisan manner.

Among the major political parties, Awami League and Jatiya Party are participating in the countrywide staggered UP election, but BNP is refraining to join the local body polls.

In the third phase election, the highest 981 chairman candidates are being fielded by AL, while 438 chairman contestants by Islami Andolan Bangladesh, and 187 by Jatiya Party.

The electronic voting machines (EVMs) were used in 33 UPs.

Though the Election Commission earlier announced the election schedule for 1,007 UPs, the polls to seven UPs were postponed on different grounds.