Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Pakistan FM staunchly supporting Taliban: Dawar

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  • 22nd November, 2021 08:36:01 PM
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LAHORE: Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar has said that the foreign minister of Pakistan is acting like a foreign minister of the Taliban.

Dawar made the remarks in a panel discussion on “Chaos in Afghanistan” at a local hotel on Saturday. Participating in the discussion, Afghan journalist Lotufullah Najfizada said that Afghanistan did not have a capacity issue, it had a governance issue that needed to be resolved by Taliban.

Veteran politician Afrasiab Khattak said that the Doha Agreement was the basis of the collapse of the state system in Afghanistan. He said that Afghanistan was the only country in the world that was being ruled without any law and constitution.

During another session, “Impact of Talibanization on women in Afghanistan & Pakistan” the speakers demanded immediate restoration of women rights in Afghanistan. Mehboba Seraj said that Taliban should open schools and universities adding that at the moment there was no institution to support women.

She demanded that ministry of women affairs needed to be restored. Journalist Farzana Ali said it was hard to carry out professional duty from KP, “when there was a threat to your life.” Former minister of women affairs in Afghanistan, Sima Samar said Taliban have converted women ministry to vice & virtue ministry, adding, “This is how they value women rights.”

Source: The News