Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Locally-made Television dominating country's market: Survey

Locally-made Television dominating country's market: Survey

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Locally-manufactured products are dominating country's television-market, holding 52 per cent of its total market share whereas, just a decade ago, Bangladesh was almost fully dependent on imported television to meet its demand. 

Of the 52 per cent, Walton holds a lion share of 25 per cent while Minister, Vision, Jamuna and other local manufacturers occupy the rest percentage, according to a survey, conducted by Marketing Watch Bangladesh (MWB), A Dhaka University based non-profit organisation.

However, home-made products will be able to occupy 70-80 per cent of total market share very soon, if the grey market can be brought under control through taking proper action and formulating rules and regulations as it has been reaming as a concerning issue for whole industry.

The findings of the research were unveiled today at a press briefing held at the conference room of Dhaka University Marketing department.

The grey market products-holding estimated market share of 20 per cent-consist of counterfeit (sticker-based) Chinese products and brands coming through unauthorized channels by false declaration which make the active players in the industry very much uncomfortable and a bit scared.

Currently, Walton TV is the market leader in the industry, holding more than 25-26% market share while the market is highly fragmented, competitive, and saturated as a wide range of international brands have also penetrated the market and made the market intensely competitive along with some counterfeit (sticker-based) Chinese brands.

Among all the international and local players, Samsung is highly likely to emerge as a potential competitor in the upcoming years because of its special focus on R and D and competitive advantage of TV production in the domestic plant. 

Among the local brands, the Vision is likely to do well in the upcoming days due its strong distribution networks, although its current market share is not up to the mark. 

The research team was consisted of Marketing department chairman and also co-founder of the MWB Prof Mizanur Rahman and another MWB co-founder Associate Prof Md Nazmul Hossain. 

The researchers came to the result after conducting direct interviews of 2439 television users from eight divisions while 2273 feedback from the websites of five Television company and 496 feedback from a closed group 'Electronics Product Review Bangladesh' were taken for sentiment analysis. 

The television industry in Bangladesh has seen a rapid growth since the last two decade and the tendency of purchasing television has increased at a large scale in both rural areas and urban cities, for affordable price.