Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Akij Food & Beverage to launch new “Cheese Puffs”

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  • 7th November, 2021 06:26:31 PM
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Akij Food & Beverage is launching a new and exciting TVC of its “Cheese Puffs”.

“Cheese Puffs” is a very popular brand of Akij Food & Beverage. The delicious cheesy flavor of the puffs is so magical that everyone big and small can’t eat just one.

Cheese Puffs is going to launch a brand-new TV commercial to boost its popularity amongst the consumers.

The one-minute commercial is going to introduce Cheese Puff’s new flavor, “Baked Cheese Puffs”. The new flavor of mozzarella cheese is expected to be another super hit product, Akij Food & Beverage believes.

The company also hopes that this new commercial will increase the brand’s popularity manyfold among the consumers and television audience.