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Businesses condemn attempt on Bashundhara MD’s life

Demand business leaders

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  • 6th November, 2021 11:00:08 PM
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Businesses condemn attempt on Bashundhara MD’s life
Arrested Saad

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Business leaders have voiced concerns over the murder attempt on Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir and called for exemplary punishment for the criminals.

“The incident has sent a wave of panic among the business community about their life and property,” they said, adding that such incidents could have been prevented had proper legal actions been taken against the previous incidents. 

Law enforcers on Thursday foiled an assassination attempt on Bashundhara Group Managing Director and arrested a youth in connection with the incident.  

International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB) president Humayun Rashid said: “We want that business people do business in a proper environment. It will also help attract more local and foreign investments.”

A congenial atmosphere must be created through policy support and at the same time, the state has to ensure the security of life and property of businessmen and industrial entrepreneurs, he noted. 

“Bashundhara has created millions of jobs in the country. So the government’s duty should be to make them feel safe so that they don’t get frightened in the present and future investment.”

Any problems of any investors should be investigated properly, the businessman said.

He also denounced such type of heinous attempt to murder of Bashundhara group Managing Director.  

There was no democratic process during the emergency period after 1/11, but now the rule of law has been reestablished and the law enforcement agency is working accordingly. “So we want to see that the real culprits are being punished.”

President of the Petrochemical and Refiners Association of Bangladesh (PRAB) M Mamun Salam said any type of physical assault or assassination attempt on any individual is not acceptable at all.

“We condemn the planned assassination attempt on Bashundhara MD.”

“The perpetrators should be brought under justice with a proper investigation as thousands of jobs have been created by Bashundhara Group.”     

First vice-president of Real Estate and Housing Association (REHAB) Kamal Mahmud called for exemplary punishment of the perpetrators for the sake of maintaining stability in the country’s business sector. “It is a very concerning matter for the country’s business sector.”

“The killing conspiracy of the managing director of an apex business group like Bashundhara, which is working relentlessly for the country’s development and job creation, is tantamount to disrupting the development process,” he noted.

Terming the attempt to murder a heinous crime, he said the criminals are being utilized for serving the interest of a vested quarter. With this, the country’s economy might face risk.    

“We, the business community, are astonished by the incident. We are annoyed and concerned. We strongly denounced this murder attempt. We strongly demand that the perpetrators are brought to justice,” he demanded.

Bangladesh Land Developers Association (BLDA) general secretary Mostafa Kamal Mohiuddin thinks that a vested quarter is trying to disturb the country’s ongoing development process through such conspiracy.

“The country’s large business groups are striving to create employment opportunities in the country. But their dignity and security are gradually declining. Businesspeople have to face harassment in every step as all the parties want to control businessmen,” he said.

He also alleged that businessmen have to compromise to live with dignity as they are haunted by the concerns of being harassed by any type of false allegation against them.

He cited that incidents of social bullying, arrest and putting behind the bars for the businessmen are rife in the country.

Businessmen always want to invest in the country for their affection for the motherland. But many of them are leaving the country in fear of such disregard, not investing in the country and they don’t want to live here anymore.

He warned of a dire consequence if this situation of insecurity and disrespect doesn’t end.  

He also said businesspeople in other countries get much respect as they invest and create jobs, adding that socially they are honoured as well.

“But here the contribution of real businessmen doesn’t get recognition except for the specially treated persons,” he alleged.

“The harassment to the established businessmen will only send negative signals to other business people,” he also said, calling for the intervention of the head of the government to resolve this issue.