Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Woman gave birth to a baby girl without a partner, told her daughter ‘eBaby’

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  • 3rd November, 2021 04:05:54 PM
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Weird news is often seen on the Internet, as well as they become increasingly viral on social media, some news is such that people are surprised to know. Now these days one such news remains the subject of discussion. Actually, this news is on a girl whose mother has given birth to her ‘online’. Now you must have been surprised to know this thing, but let me tell you this news is true. Let us know what is the whole matter.

This news is of a woman who lives in Nanthorp, England, this woman’s name is Stephanie Taylor and she is 33 years old, Stephanie has given birth to her ‘online baby’. Now she is calling her baby girl ‘e-Baby’.

She is the mother of a son and for a long time she wanted another child. But she had separated from her life partner and did not want to get into a new relationship. Also, she did not have enough money to give birth to a girl child through IVF.

So Stephanie found another way. Let us tell you that Stephanie Taylor ordered sperm through the Baby App.

Ordered an insemination kit from e-commerce site ‘e-Bay’ and learned how to use the kit by watching videos on YouTube. The information about this baby app was given by a friend, you know, in this baby app, women can choose sperm donor according to their mind.

Stephanie Taylor wanted sperm from family man
According to media reports, Stephanie wanted the sperm of the family man who was fit in every way and did not have any kind of disease. As soon as he got a donor, he used the kit by watching YouTube. Stephanie welcomed her daughter in the month of October.

He told during the interview given to the media that – after booking sperm from the app, the sperm donor himself came to his house and gave him the sperm. Stephanie now considers her baby girl to be an ‘online baby’. The woman said that if she did not have knowledge of online things, she would never have become a mother for the second time. Let us tell you that Stephanie also has a beta, whose name is Frankie and her son is 5 years old. Shortly after the birth of the son, Stephanie and her husband had a lot of differences, after which both decided to separate.


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