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Freight transport strike in Sylhet on November 9 and 10

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  • 2nd November, 2021 09:33:30 AM
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Freight transport strike in Sylhet on November 9 and 10

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The Sylhet District Truck, Pickup, Covered Van Owners-Workers Council on Nov 9 and Nov 10 has called for a 48-hour freight transport strike in Sylhet protesting additional toll collection at Lamakazi, Sherpur, Fenchuganj and Sheola bridges and ‘illegal’ collection of tolls in the name of Gowainghat Upazila and Chhatak Municipality.

Abu Sarkar, president of the Sylhet divisional workers unity alliance and president of the district truck pickup covered van workers' union, on Monday announced the strike at a protest rally of transport owners and workers at Humayun Rashid Chattar in Sylhet’s South Surma.

Abu Sarkar said illegal tolls are being collected from all bridges in Sylhet, including Lamkazi Bridge, for years. As no action has been taken by the authorities even after informing the police and the local administration, a strike has been called in Sylhet district on November 9 and 10.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Sylhet District bus-minibus workers union and CNG auto rickshaw union expressed solidarity with the 48-hour strike.