Ruling party putting house in order

Taimur Faruk Tushar

13th July, 2015 12:07:18 printer

Ruling party putting house in order

The policymakers of the Awami League-led government are troubled by various internal problems, although there is no pressure on them now to face the movement of the BNP-led 20-party alliance.   


According to sources, the government is embarrassed by the controversial activities of several ministers and secretaries. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already started recasting her cabinet. But with that also the policymakers are facing internal warp and woof.


Sources in the administration say that the government under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina has brought the country to a stable position by thwarting successfully the movement of the opposition alliance. It is time now to take the country ahead on the road to development. But such efforts are being hampered by the government’s internal problems. Different controversial activities of some ministers, MPs, and secretaries are creating a negative attitude among the people towards the government.


These sources point out that the government has been forced to face an embarrassing situation due to the import of rotten wheat from Brazil by the food ministry, arising out of the legal question over the continuation of Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya as a minister and in the latest development, the removal of Syed Ashraful Islam from the LGRD ministry. The government had to face massive criticism for the alleged misbehaviour by the secretary of the liberation war affairs ministry with a freedom fighter and his (FF) subsequent suicide as well as the directive of the education secretary for online admission to the colleges. The policymakers of the government are finding it difficult to tackle these issues. 


The sources further point out that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not satisfied with the activities of some ministers, but she has no alternative at her hands. A number of important ministries are remaining without ministers for long and these ministries are being looked after by the PM herself. In view of the crisis of confidence and the complexity over the tussle regarding influence of some senior leaders in the party, the PM stopped short of reshuffling the cabinet even after taking decisions to that end on several occasions. A section of Awami League leaders are unhappy with the removal of Syed Ashraf also. 


In this regard, AL presidium member and minister for housing and public works Engineer Mosharraf Hossain told this correspondent, “In an overall consideration, there is no discomfort in the government. The PM is managing everything successfully. However, the government has to be more cautious to avert controversy. Taking a lesson from the ongoing criticism over wheat, we shall have to be more alert while importing food. But the occurrence involving the liberation war affairs secretary, if true, is very unfortunate.”