Thursday, 9 December, 2021

UNDP and BDF launch “Youth Against Corruption” campaign

  • Diplomatic Correspondent
  • 1st November, 2021 07:38:10 PM
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UNDP and BDF launch “Youth Against Corruption” campaign

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) jointly launched the “Youth Against Corruption” campaign on the National Youth Day on Monday (Nov 1) to transform the youth of Bangladesh as advocates for anti-corruption.

The “Youth Against Corruption” campaign places young people at its heart to promote anti-corruption awareness and advocacy.

The objectives of this programme are to sensitize young people regarding corruption, to empower them with the knowledge to combat corruption, and ultimately create a young generation with self-efficacy and attitude to stand against corruption in Bangladesh.

Md. Tazul Islam, Minister, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives of Bangladesh, was the Chief Guest at the virtual launching event.

During the launching event, he said, “The government of Bangladesh has undertaken strict measures to reduce corruption. I believe that integrating the youth in this movement against corruption will make it much easier to realize the dream of a corruption-free Bangladesh. These young people will be the ones taking up important mantles in the future. Sensitizing them about anti-corruption now will ensure a better future for our country.”

Abdun Noor Tushar, former secretary of BDF, said, “Critically analyzing any issue and presenting it with logical arguments helps develop the thought process of the youth and broadens their horizons. The purpose of organizing this debate competition is to imbue young people with the courage to take a bold stance against corruption and injustice.”

“Corruption can undermine years of progress in sustainable development. We need accountable, transparent institutions and empowered and active citizens to ensure proper sustainable development that leaves no one behind.  We have seen the youth act as indomitable changemakers before, and I am very excited to see them conquer this challenge as well,” said Sudipto Mukerjee, Resident Representative, UNDP Bangladesh.

The session was moderated by Abdullah Mohammad Shukrana, President, Bangladesh Debate Federation.

The three-month-long campaign will include pledges against corruption, direct dialogues between young people and eight members of the parliament titled “Shombhabona Shonglap”, a mentorship program for 80 selected young people, eight divisional inter-university and eight divisional inter-college debate competitions, and national inter-university and inter-college debate competitions with the winners of the divisional rounds.

Over 2200 participants from more than 150 educational institutions will participate in the 950 debates organised during this campaign.