Monday, 6 December, 2021

Instagram model slammed for photoshoot at father's funeral

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  • 28th October, 2021 06:29:53 PM
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An Instagram influencer has been slammed on social media for sharing a photo of herself posing next to her father's open coffin at his funeral. Florida-based Jayne Rivera, 20, has deleted her Instagram account after the backlash.

But screenshots of her images have been doing the rounds on social media platforms. In the images, she wore a fitted, black blazer dress as she stood by the coffin, which was adorned with an American flag. In one of the frames, she posed with her hands folded.

“This Instagram model's father passed away, and she did a photoshoot with the open casket,” said a social media expert on Twitter, sharing the images.

The photos generated immediate backlash on the platform. "Have I mentioned the problem of a narcissistic and performative culture," wrote a Twitter user.


Source: NDTV