Sunday, 28 November, 2021

World on track for 2.7°C temp rise this century: UN

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  • 27th October, 2021 05:43:57 PM
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The world is on track for an average temperature rise of 2.7°C this century if the only steps on climate action it takes are the commitments announced till now, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said on Tuesday, a fresh warning ahead of the Glasgow climate change conference (COP 26) later this month, reports AFP.

The 2.7°C breaches the Paris Agreement’s target of 2°C and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been warning of catastrophic consequences if the planet is allowed to warm beyond an average temperature of 2°C compared to pre-industrial age levels.

According to the UNEP’s ‘Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat Is On’, the updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by various countries and other commitments made for action till 2030 will only reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by 7.5% compared to the previous round of commitments in 2015. Reductions of 30% are needed to meet Paris Agreement’s 2°C goal and 55% to keep global warming under 1.5° C, it added.