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Munia murder case: Nusrat tangled in 5 questions of investigators

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  • 19th October, 2021 11:34:36 PM
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Nusrat Jahan Tania, complainant of a case filed over alleged rape and murder of her younger sister Mosarat Jahan Munia, is facing an uncomfortable situation failing to answer five questions of the investigators.

There is much headway in the investigation into the case with Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) going to submit a report to the court soon.

Sources said Nusrat failed to meet five queries which are important to go into the depth of the investigation. If Nusrat is found to have filed the case based on false information, she will be liable to serious punishment.

Munia was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26. Her elder sister Nusrat Jahan Tania filed a “false” case against Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir for instigating suicide.

After a thorough investigation, police submitted Final Report to the court on July 19 on the ground that allegation against Anvir was not proved. The court finally acquitted lone accused Anvir of the suicide incitement charge.

Within a few days, Nusrat filed second case accusing Anvir, his wife, parents, owner of the rented flat of Munia and a female model of raping and killing Munia.

Relating to the rape and murder case, the investigators asked five questions which are as follows:

1. Did Nusrat know about Munia’s living in a rented flat in the city’s upscale Gulshan at Tk 1 lakh per month?

During interrogation, Nusrat told investigators that she brought up Munia amid economic hardship. It means that Munia had no capacity to pay the high house rent. What was her source of income? Had Nusrat ever inquired about source of the money? What step she took to prevent Munia from leading an immoral life?

2. Why did Nusrat help Munia rent the flat?

Although Munia lived in the flat, Nusrat appears to be tenant in black and white. Being a college student, Munia  was supposed to live in the girls’ hostel. Sources claimed that Nusrat and her husband met the flat owner and helped Munia rent the flat. Whether the couple facilitated Munia’s immoral life?

3. Who did bear the education, living and other costs of Munia?

Nusrat Jahan Tania made contradictory statements to the investigators. She claimed to have met cost of education and living of Munia. She also said no 1 accused in rape and murder case used to bear the cost. Did Nusrat allow such relations deliberately?

4. Why did Nusrat not question Munia about her relation with the accused?

Nusrat claimed that Munia was harbouring an affair with the accused for long. Why did she not object to such relation?  Why did she not file any GD with any police station or go for arbitration? Did she remain silent spectator for any personal gain?

5. Which were roles of three associates of Nusrat visited Munia’s flat?

CCTV footage shows that three persons visited the flat of Munia at the fag end of her life. Nusrat asked the trio to go to the flat. The three persons accompanied Nusrat during filing suicide incitement case with Gulshan police station. They were also seen with her at the court.