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Namira Huq Badhon becomes role model for women entrepreneurs

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  • 19th October, 2021 05:25:48 PM
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Namira Huq Badhon becomes  role model for women entrepreneurs

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In the world of fashion and beauty, we see hundreds of emerging new faces and entrepreneurs every single day yet our eyes catch some and some are not. Nonetheless, Namirah Huq Badhon is a rising name in the beauty and fashion industry and she is here to stay.

Namirah Huq Badhon is currently paving her way to the top as a successful woman entrepreneur and proud owner of the fabric and diamond gold jewellery business. Her journey started in the year 2013 through establishing a business of designer clothes, dresses and accessories exported from India’s Gujrat state. She traveled to India and its different states to obtain a clear and exclusive idea about ethnic designs and crafting.

Namirah has always dreamt of having her own business, standing on her feet and establishing herself as a successful woman entrepreneur. In this overwhelming journey, her family and her husband have been a constant support since the beginning. Starting from financial aid to emotional support, they have always shown their full assistance. In the year 2015, Namirah had gained her interest and fascination for diamond gold jewellery and hit upon a plan to master the art and set up a business here in Bangladesh. Initially, she had taken several courses on this craft designing from various private organizations and ultimately, kept moving forward into making her dream a reality. Eventually, she started her own business for diamond gold accessories and began wholesale trade. The business has been doing exponentially well since then and has been flourishing over the years.

 In the year 2018, she became the only woman owning an online business regarding diamond gold jewellery named “Namirah's Diamond and Fashion Universe”. Namirah began her fabric design business with a small capital. However, it only expanded throughout the challenging times involving the diamond gold business.

She believes to take the business and her entrepreneurship to a higher notch and urges her audiences' unconditional support around it. She is also an internationally certified make-up artist who helps other makeup enthusiast girls to make a living of it and be successful at it.

Alongside her full-time business and entrepreneurship, Namirah is also a fashion and beauty blogger. She shares her everyday haul experiences and gives honest, genuine and authentic reviews over products and purchases on her blog page “Namirah’s Vlogs” and group. She treats this as one of her many hobbies.

Namirah possesses a special humanitarian side beside her charming personality. She often helps and provides for the distressed, the orphans and donates to the old age homes. She tries to give back as much as possible from her earnings and this truly shows the humble and amicable perspective of her character. Namirah wants to inspire and motivate every girl she gets acquainted with and wishes them to believe in themselves and their capability to do something of their own.