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Maitree Diwas celebration: Bangladesh and India jointly arrange Logo and Backdrop Design Competition

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  • 18th October, 2021 08:03:34 PM
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Maitree Diwas celebration: Bangladesh and India jointly arrange Logo and Backdrop Design Competition

India and Bangladesh have decided to celebrate December 6, the day on which India formally recognized an independent Bangladesh, borne out of the nine-month long struggle of the Bangalee people for liberation from oppression, for a life of freedom.

To cherish this landmark day in history, the Government of India and Government and Bangladesh also decided to celebrate the day as 'Maitri Diwas.'

In view of the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh as well as the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties, both sides have agreed to jointly commemorate these epochal events in 18 select countries.

The decision to to celebrate December 6 was taken during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Golden Jubilee of Independence of Bangladesh and Birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The two countries issued a joint statement after talks between the two Prime Ministers in Dhaka on March 27, 2021.

Marking the historic day, both the countries are jointly organising a Logo and Backdrop designing competition, said the Foreign Ministry on Monday (Oct 18).

The logo and backdrop are to represent the spirit of the Bangladesh Liberation War, the ideology and vision of the Bangladeshi struggle, and the spirit of fraternity and solidarity extended to this struggle by the people of India.

The purpose is to mark December 06, henceforth as ‘Maitree Diwas’ or Friendship Day.

The Contest is open to all citizens of India and Bangladesh, resident in respective countries or anywhere in the world. The submission of entry is free; and no special qualifications are prescribed.

An entry could be an individual or a team project, provided participating team members are all nationals of India or Bangladesh, or both.

The contest will take place in two categories-one for logo and the other for backdrop design. An entrant cannot submit more than one entry for each category but can submit separate entry for each of the two categories. Multiple entries from the same entrant for one category will not be considered and will be rejected.

Every entry should be accompanied by a brief written explanation of the Design and how it best symbolizes the concept of ‘Maitree Diwas’.

The entries will be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit and visual impact and how well the theme is communicated.

For each category of contest, the selected winners will be awarded the First prize of US$ 1,000, Second prize US$ 700, Third prize US$ 500, and 5 consolation prizes of US$ 200 each; the sum due will be paid in equivalent INR or BDT.

The last date for accepting entries by 5pm on October 31, 2021.

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