Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Students suffer as a school in Cumilla remains waterlogged for over a year

Students suffer as a school in Cumilla remains waterlogged for over a year
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After it reopened last month the students found their  Bhubanghar Abul Hashem Abbasia High School in Cumilla’s Amratali union floating in stagnant and stinky water.

 The authorities placed sandbags to make pathways through which girls and boys are often see frog-leaping to their waterlogged school building. Some even just wade through the dirty water risking skin and other water-borne diseases.

 Since the school remained closed for about 18 months due to coronavirus pandemic, the problem of waterlogging went largely unnoticed. Now that the school has opened, but there has not been an immediate solution found.

 “I have not seen out school ground dry for more than a year,” said a student who lives in the neighbourhood.

 Water has been stagnating there for long, but any real effort to remove it has been so far been lacking. Some blamed the filling up the opening of culverts near the school for the water woes.

 Not only the field is under water, the classrooms and its library also get inundated whenever it rains heavily.  Students are getting skin diseases and the school resources including various books are getting damaged due the year-long waterlogging, claimed the authorities.

 On his visit to the school, the UNB correspondent found the entrance road, school ground and verandah- all underwater; books in the library were soaked. The school toilet was also flooded. As a result, students and teachers were using a toilet in near-by houses. They were seen using sandbags for cross the water-filled ground.

 According to the student, the water went down a bit as it has not rained in the last few days. But when it rains both the academic and administrative rooms get flooded.

 Residents of the area Nurul Islam and Shafiqul Islam said teachers, students and locals have been suffering from this waterlogging for the past one year.

 Local influential farmers Delwar Hossain and Anwar Hossain filled the openings of the culverts with soil, causing waterlogging, they claimed.

 Headmaster of the school Ahmed Golam Sarwar, said the school ground and roads remain flooded almost the whole year. “We have 330 students, 12 teachers and 3 staff. There is also a kindergarten section with 170 students. Everyone is suffering,” he said.

 The district Secondary Education Officer Abdul Majid said, “District Education Engineering Department can have a role here, we will talk to the concerned authorities to resolve the issue.”