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Two City Corporations

Revenue officials minting money

  • Tofazzal Hossain Rubel
  • 12th July, 2015 12:41:55 AM
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The Dhaka North and the South City Corporations have been turned into hubs of corruption and plunder, especially by a section of officials of the revenue division.


According to sources, the lion’s share of the earnings of the city corporations comes from revenue and some officials of the department are engaged in reckless money making through manipulation and misappropriation. Some of the officials are alleged to have become millionaires plundering the funds of the corporations.


The revenue division collects money as corporation’s taxes, and by issuing holding numbers, trade licenses, rickshaw-van licenses and allotting markets and shops. But allegations are there that the persons concerned indulge in extreme irregularities and corruption in every field. The multi-storied buildings are shown as smaller in size, monthly tolls are collected from hundreds of unallotted shops, the square foot- based prices are being concealed and commercial buildings are projected as residential ones. Thus, the officials and employees are pocketing hundreds of crores of taka and crippling the corporations.  The undivided city corporation was self-reliant a few years ago but after the bifurcation it is becoming difficult to pay the salaries to the employees.     


Investigation revealed that there are 10 lakh holdings in the two city corporations but in official documents the number of holdings is 1.43 lakh in DSCC and 1.60 lakh in DNCC. The taxes on these holdings are being collected at the rate fixed 20 years ago by the tax officials concerned.


They are many officials of the DSCC and the DNCC who have amassed wealth through irregularities and corruption.