Sunday, 5 December, 2021

French minister: Brexit worsened UK supply crisis

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  • 15th October, 2021 04:43:13 PM
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French finance minister Bruno Le Maire has told the BBC that leaving the single market after Brexit has made the supply chain crisis worse for the UK.

"We are facing the same situation," he said at the G7 meetings in Washington, reports BBC.

"But the fact that we are a member of a very important single market helps us facing these bottlenecks."

UK retailers have warned this week of potential shortages in the run-up to Christmas due to a logjam at UK ports and a lack of lorry drivers.

"I think it's helping us because we can have access to other job markets, when you are asking for some more people in restaurants, in hotels, for truck drivers, for instance, you have access to other labour markets," Mr Le Maire said.

His comments came as several British retailers have said they risk shortages during the Christmas shopping season due to supply problems.