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‘Chandrabati Kotha’, film on Bengal’s first feminist poet, released

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  • 15th October, 2021 02:54:59 PM
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‘Chandrabati Kotha’, film on Bengal’s first feminist poet, released

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The government-sponsored movie 'Chandrabati Kotha' directed by N Rashed Chowdhury, is a biographical film based on the first female poet of Bangla, was released on Friday.

The movie presented by Bashundhara LP Gas Limited and distributed by Jaaz Multimedia has been released at Star Cineplex (Bashundhara City), Star Cineplex (Simanto Square), Jamuna Blockbuster Cinemas, Cinescope (Narayanganj).

The film premiered at the 2019 Kalkata International Film Festival and was selected for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The 105 minutes long National Film Grant winning feature stars Dilruba Hossain Doyel, Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, and Gazi Rakayet among others.

Based on the life of Bangla's first feminist poet, Chandravati, the film takes place in the mid 16th century, East Bengal. The young daughter of veteran poet Dijabangshi Das, falls in love with another poet Jayananda. On the eve of their marriage, Jayananda betrays Chandrabati and marries another woman in the locality. The pain stricken Chandrabati confines herself in a Shiva Temple and takes her vow to rewrite the epic Ramayana.

Adapted from the ballads found in the Mymensingh Geetika, film Chandrabati Kotha sheds light on the golden era of medieval Bangla Literature.