Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Mumbai man's 550-cakes birthday celebration

Cake-cutting at birthday celebrations is common. But a man in Mumbai decided to cut 550 cakes for his birthday and the amusing video of the celebrations has now gone viral.

In nearly 2.5 minute video, Surya Raturi is seen cutting cakes of different flavours.

Three tables can be seen in the video where these cakes are kept in a row.

Many people around him are shooting on the mobile camera as he goes on a spree with a knife in each hand.

The clip is from Kandivali. As he gears up for the challenge, he is cheered by people around. He cuts one cake after the other and party poppers can also be seen.

Bizarre birthday celebrations often make headlines. 

In October last year, police arrested a young man in Nagpur after he had cut cakes with a sword.

In photos, cops said, Nikhil Patel, could be seen using a sword to cut a cake. The pictures, which had gone viral on social media, including WhatsApp, led to the arrest and a raid at his home.

During another celebration, a man in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat district shot at his birthday cake in 2019.

A video of the incident had gone also viral on Twitter. It showed the cake was placed in the middle of the road and the man shooting at it with a gun.