Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Arefin Sowrob Founder of the renowned ‘Creative Digital Bangladesh’

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  • 11th October, 2021 05:47:25 PM
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Sowrob, widely known as Arefin Sowrob is a Bangladeshi actor and entrepreneur. He has acted in many dramas and films. He founded Cretive Digital Bangladesh in 2019. 

Creative Digital Bangladesh, a one-stop solution on digital marketing, Recently our two year journey has come to an end. So We also provided free technical support to our clients on the occasion.

CEO-founder of Creative Digital Bangladesh – Arefin Sowrob – said, "he have always dreamed of success. he had to face many obstacles at the beginning of the career, but he did not break down.”

“We are still trying our best so that the young people who work in the digital world do not face obstacles and quickly get a good platform.”

Sowrob started his journey as a entrepreneur. Since then he has worked with some agency and companies. after learning various blog related generalship he became a succesful digital market expert. achieving fame on social platform, he collaborates paid promotion activities and helps many brands and youths in the city to earn money from social media.

At present he works with acting digital marketing and youtube content. He  also an influencer. Before introducing himself as an influencer he used to acting in tv flim. He is a regular social media user and help with how to get more followers on influential social networks and huge subscribers on YouTube.

Sowrob highlight the content by describing how to live. He have a lot of talent and he want to put it to good use, so that social networks become more influential. Some even told me that Digital Magnet Sowrob is a popular social media influencer and actor.

However, he is busy with many other things! Other entrepreneurs come to him for help in promoting their business. Doing so, he have built a name for himself and is generating revenue too. That’s what made Sowrob a famous name in the social media world.

Despite being one of the popular influencers and having a lot of experience, I did not make any contribution for myself to make the most of my earnings and marketing through social media, thus I reached out to others. My dream is to be a successful person.

The young actor Arefin Sowrob started Creative Digital Bangladesh in September 2019 after the Covid-19 economic development, education system and the normal life of people around the world since 2019. Sowrob wants to take his company a long way and keep Bangladesh focused on building a digital Bangladesh.

Arefin Sowrob thinks that the youth can also focus on building the country as a digital Bangladesh.