Monday, 25 October, 2021

Money laundered by e-commerce firms to be recovered: Murad Hassan

Those who have laundered money through e-commerce platforms will be brought to book and the money laundering will be recovered, said the State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Md Murad Hassan.

Murad Hassan said this at his Secretariat office on Sunday morning during his conversation with the reporters.

He also said that there is no law on e-commerce anywhere in the world; fraudulent activities and scams are seen in almost all countries. However, laws will be made in Bangladesh to ensure the transparency and accountability of e-commerce services.

About clean-feed airing he said, they have continued for over fifteen years in this manner. Now the ministry will stick to its decision as it’s not possible to watch foreign channels with money, even advertisements, and our country's TV channels for free.

The state minister added that the local authorities have been informed to take immediate legal action in case of any violation.