Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Greater platform for movement in the offing, hints Mosharraf

Greater platform for movement in the offing, hints Mosharraf

BNP senior leader Khandaker Mosharraf on Saturday hinted that their party has been trying to float a greater platform of opposition parties to wage a strong movement for ousting the current government.

“We’ll create a greater united platform on one-point demand to restore democracy by ousting the current government through a strong mass movement,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader said their one-point demand is the restoration of democracy and people’s voting rights and the release of Khaleda Zia. "Our only goal is to protect the rights and interests of the people of this country.”

Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar), one of the components of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club in memory of its late joint secretary general Mohsin Sarker.

Mosharraf, a BNP standing committee member, said people are ready to wage a tougher movement to ensure the fall of Awami League government. “People are criticising us as we’re not taking to the streets to oust the government.”

He said it is now the responsibility of the political parties to protect the country and restore people’s all rights, including voting one, through a united movement.

The BNP leader said the fall of the current government through a movement will pave the way for holding a credible national election in the country under a neutral administration.

He called upon the opposition political parties that are out of the 20-party alliance to come under a united platform for waging a mass movement.

"Here (in the discussion meeting) some of you have said our 20-party alliance has become inactive. It happened due to the coronavirus. Our party also kept all organisational activities suspended due to the same reason. But this situation won’t remain in the days to come,” he said.