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Fugitive cyber criminal Kanak Sarwar’s sister Raka arrested

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  • 5th October, 2021 08:59:44 PM
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Fugitive cyber criminal Kanak Sarwar’s sister Raka arrested

Nusrat Shahreen Raka, sister of controversial US expatriate TV presenter Kanak Sarwar, was arrested in Uttara area of Dhaka early Tuesday on charges of anti-state activities.

RAB personnel hunted down Raka, 38, wife of Nasir Uddin Majumder, and seized a mobile phone set, a passport and some Ice and an illegal drug from her possession.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mushfiqur Rahman Tushar, operations officer of RAB-1, confirmed the matter to the Daily Sun.

He said a vested quarter from abroad was spreading propaganda against the government and the state on social media and some local people were helping the vested quarter abroad.

Being informed, the elite force enhanced intelligence surveillance and came to know that sitting in Bangladesh, Raka has been working as a cohort of the quarter, he added.

During primary interrogation, RAB members came to know that Raka is an active member of the anti-state propaganda and conspiracy clique.

To this end, she has been trying to disrupt the peace process in the country by spreading false, misleading and defamatory information about the state and important personalities of the state through social media.

Several members of the group are involved in various anti-state propagandas through social media.

She told RAB that they have carried out propaganda to tarnish the image of the country.

The interrogation further revealed that Kanak Sarwar, one of the anti-state conspirators and propagandists stationed abroad, was the brother of the arrestee.

She said that those arrested in such anti-state activities and their accomplices were providing various assistance to others including his brother who were stationed abroad.

Sources said the so-called ‘journalist’ and TV presenter Kanak Sarwar has been involved in anti-government activities for a long time while fleeing abroad. There are several cases against him in Dhaka. He was imprisoned in the country for several years.

He was released on bail and fled abroad. His current location is in the United States. Sitting abroad, he has been involved in slander against prominent political figures and law enforcement officials.

Kanak Sarwar has been under monthly payroll of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), according to competent sources.