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Endless Conspiracies

  • Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik
  • 3rd October, 2021 10:33:21 PM
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Endless Conspiracies

Opening the YouTube, one can find false and fabricated statements of a few suspended military officers and so-called journalists. They include Taj Hashmi, a journalist who fled the country, another named Kanak Sarwar, Ilias Hossain, Walki Abdullah, Tito Rahman, Nazmus Sakib, Hafizuddin, Meena Farah, Zawad Nirjhar, a suspended army officer Major Zia who has fled the country, Captain Shahid Uddin Khan, Major Delwar, Major Shahid and even Lt General (Retired) Hasan Suhrawardy who still lives in the country. Besides, there are some others who live in London, New York, Sydney and Malaysia.    

I am hearing from boyhood that a person experiences hallucination through consumption of cannabis, bhang and the latest drug like LSD. He/she gets overwhelmed by the adverse effects of drugs and thinks himself/herself a monarch/minister. He/she even loves to think himself/herself as an astronaut who lands on the Mars crossing the Moon. This sort of scenario was shown in a film, 'Deep Zele Jai.' In the scene, it was exhibited that an insane person, staying in a mental hospital, was telling the Indian prime minister that it is he himself who holds the post of the premier. Even a healthy person becomes sick under the effect of drug. Observing the activities of drug addicts, Bollywood star Aamir Khan made his world-famous film titled 'PK'. But, the aforementioned persons have gone much beyond the story of 'PK'. However, it is not that they are talking in a state of intoxication; rather they are hatching out conspiracies with the sole objective of unconstitutionally ousting the incumbent government that upholds the Spirit of the Liberation War. Psychologically, all of them are against the Spirit of the Liberation War, that is, they are pro-Pakistani and extremely communal minded. It is their sole intention to install a pro-Pakistani administration by ousting the democratically elected pro-liberation government in an unconstitutional manner so that they can finally turn Bangladesh into Pakistan. This was the very daydream that Ziaur Rahman carried forward after the assassination of Bangabandhu. The Razakar and war criminal supremo Golam Azam’s son Salman Azmi, now hiding in a foreign land, is very often hand in glove with them. Brigadier (Retired) Aman Azmi is another son of much-hated Golam Azam who was instrumental in the killing of thousands of Bengalees. The BNP-Jamaat government promoted him to the rank of Brigadier giving him quick promotion one after another in a bid to making him the army chief so that a theocratic state could be established in Bangladesh in accordance to the religious fortune hunters Jamaat-Hefazat’s blueprint. Now, while this infamous ex-army officer remains behind the scene, his aforementioned brother serves as his mouthpiece. With them has joined Major General (Retired) Ibrahim, a loan defaulter (this General dared to file a writ petition in my court seeking exemption from default charges). A Dhaka University professor, also the son of a member of Bihari community, who illegally became a Lecturer with the help of a pro-Pakistani Professor during the BNP-Jamaat regime also joined hands with some pro-Pakistan elements.

On noticing the programmes, it will become clear to all that the main objective of these conspirators is to oust the democratic and pro-independence government through unconstitutional means. So, they are now openly provoking the working army personnel. Previously, they carried out a propaganda campaign in a Goebbelsian manner against former Army chief General Aziz to tarnish his image. After retirement of General Aziz, the new Army chief has become their target. The conspirators have resorted to extreme falsehood against him also. Another of their targets is Tarique Siddique, the Military Advisor to the Prime Minister. They are relentlessly carrying out false propaganda against all patriotic agencies, including the police, police chief, BGB and RAB. They are leaving no stone unturned to create rifts among the forces. They are also engaged in carrying out falsehood against some popular senior journalists and intellectuals who firmly believe in the Sprit of the Liberation War. They are telling that tomorrow will be the day of fall of this democratic and patriotic government, that thousands of patriots will be hanged, et cetera. In this way, they are creating psychological confusion in the minds of the people. It is the opinion of knowledgeable persons that high-profile personalities and coteries are assisting them financially and giving them advices. Firstly, suspicion goes to Pakistan-loving son of Zia named Tarique Rahman, also a fugitive, who now lives in the United Kingdom (UK) after being sentenced to life-term imprisonment in the August 21 grenade attack case. He and his family possess immense wealth which he had amassed during the BNP-Jamaat regime. He has siphoned off millions of dollars abroad, the proof of which was brought by the Government of Singapore and the NatWest Bank of the UK. That money has been freezed. Coming to Bangladesh, the US investigating police and the FBI officials gave testimony to his corrupt practices and that of money laundering. It is not secret that Tarique Rahman regularly holds meetings with the ISI officials of Pakistan and militant kingpin Dawood Ibrahim. The ISI of Pakistan is generous enough to spend money and giving necessary counselling service. A few years ago, the ISI chief openly announced in a Pakistani court that his agency supplied money to BNP-Jamaat for the interest of Pakistan so that the latter come out victorious in the general election. The spies working at the Embassy of Pakistan in Dhaka were detected while funding the militants and later they were deported from Bangladesh. Along with other militants, one of their officials was arrested at Uttara while dealing in guise of employment at the PIA Dhaka office in 2013. Because of sending militants in a nearby country as well as funding them, Pakistan is on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international monetary intelligence agency. David Bergman is the name of another actor in the serial conspiracies. He is the son-in-law of Dr Kamal Hossain. In 1971, the role of Dr Kamal also remained mysterious. Taking whose help he had gone to Pakistan where the residences of his father-in-law and that of his sister are located. What he did during the entire nine months everything remained in darkness. The anti-government activities of his son-in-law are not anything new. He did everything possible to foil the war criminals' case by pocketing lots of money from Jamaat men. Once, I was compelled to get him out of my court while he was trying to create a scene during appeal hearing of Sayeedi's war criminal case at the Appellate Division. Following expiry of his visa, he was expelled from the country and later he engaged himself in lots of conspiracies from abroad. Spending lots of money, Al Jazeera organised a programme by broadcasting false and fabricated stories. Bergman played a major role in organising that programme.          

Ilias Hossain is another name who is involved in the conspiracies. He is also a fugitive accused. He is now a hardened anti-Hindu communal element, who fled the country after an arrest warrant was issued against him. Hearing a televised talk show of his, it seems that his sole duty is to issue anti-Hindu statements and worshipping the religious fortune hunters. He seems to have been born only to destroy communal harmony in the country. This person highly praised those who were engaged in spreading poison against actor Chanchal Chowdhury. The reason is his religious identity. He also spoke in filthy languages against popular actress Mithila as she married a person belonging to Hindu community. The language of this person is so filthy that it is not pronounceable. It seems he is not the child of a gentleman. It is hardly necessary to say that he is not a religious person. Any religious person cannot hate a person of other religions, because the creator has created the people of all religions. That is why Bangabandhu had said that hatred towards people of other religions for the sake of religion is tantamount to hatred towards the creator. The same thing was told by Swami Vivekananda, Sri Chaitanya Dev, Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev and Lalon as well as the great Sufi scholars like Mawlana Jalal Uddin Rumi and Ibn Sina. The motive of this person is to create confusion among general people by giving wrong interpretation of religion. He was also one of actors who had a hand in the concoction of Al Jazeera fables. He also used filthy languages while talking about such a respectable person as Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Rehana. Each and every word he uttered is a punishable crime. He is vocal enough to praise the self-declared promoter of falsehood and religious fortune hunter Mamunul Haque and another bigot like Abu Taha Adnan. The issues relating to Chanchal Chowdhury and Mithila have no connection with politics. Speaking about them in a filthy language, Ilias has proved that he is a wizard at destroying communal harmony. This has become the sole purpose of his life. Certainly his political mentors are donating generously to help him line his pockets. They are not only engaged in praising the killer Ghulam Azam, Muminul Haque, Babu Nagari and Adnan but also remain busy in showering praises on a war criminal like Sayeedi.

Other actors of serial conspiracies are three expelled military officers namely Colonel Shahiduddin Khan, Major Delwar and Captain Shahid Islam as well as Mahmudur Rahman of Nagorik TV, an online channel aired from abroad, Waki Abdullah, Titu Rahman and others. General Suhrawardy, another senior military officer, who earned a bad name for absurd conversion has joined them from home. In a talk show, this General indiscriminately defamed the working military officials saying that they are doing injustice by taking monthly bribes amounting to Tk 50 lakh besides their salaries. Ilias Hossain too defamed the military officials who are our pride; he termed them as road contractors. Colonel Shahiduddin, Major Delwar and company have even surpassed Goebbels in their falsehood.

All of them are fugitive accused who have fled the country. But, what are we doing to stop the conspiratorial propaganda? They are wrong who say that those are out of our reach as they are living abroad. Closing the propaganda channels is not a tough job on the part of the BTRC. Even their activities are punishable crimes in the countries they reside now. Moreover, if the issue can be brought to the notice of YouTube and social media authorities, they also can take action against them. This requires proper initiatives on the part of our embassies in the respective countries. It is essential to bring an end to their propaganda; because they are misguiding our simple-hearted people and enticing them to the wrong path.

The writer is a retired justice of the Appellate Division