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14,000 drug addicts, dealers arrested in eight months in city

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  • 3rd October, 2021 06:44:29 PM
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14,000 drug addicts, dealers arrested in eight months in city

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About 14,000 drug addicts and dealers were arrested in the capital in eight months from January to August in this year.

Following zero tolerance policy against drugs declared by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the members of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) in special and regular drives captured them from the different parts of the city.

The cops lodged about 9,500 cases against the arrestees with the police stations under the metropolitan, said Faruk Hossain, deputy commissioner (media and public relations) of the DMP.

He claimed to have somewhat controlled the menace of illegal drugs in the populous mega city by the huge arrests and file of the cases.

They were trying their best, the officer said, so that the drugs could not enter the city and none could deal with those.

 DMP laid emphasis on costly drug items—crystal meth or ice, and hallucinogenic drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), said the DC.

On the recovery of the two drug items, he said that cops recovered 727 grams of ice and 2.12 grams and 40 blots (pieces) of LSD.

Faruk said, “We are concerned about access to ice and LSD in the city in consideration of these dangerous effects in the takers’ bodies.”

“The poor people have no financial ability to take the drugs coming from Europe via Myanmar.  The youths of the rich families are taking the drugs and going to the astray. We are serious about pulling the menace of the drugs back. If we fail to control these, our young forces will get spoiled,” he said.

Of the other narcotic items recovered in the eight months were 31,67,723 yaba pills while 5,898.63 grams of ganja.

Some 61.660 grams of heroin, 10 kilograms of opium, 44,426 cans of beer, 40,554 bottles of phensedyl, 13,746 ampoules of sedative injections, 3,746 bottles and 59.40 litres of foreign wine, 6,718.250 litres of local wine, two grams of amphetamine, 1.3 milligrams of DMT, 224 bottles of MKDL and 129 bottles of eskuf were, among other items, recovered in the eight months.