Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

United Airlines 'right' to insist on staff vaccines

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  • 3rd October, 2021 04:09:36 PM
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United Airlines 'right' to insist on staff vaccines

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The boss of United Airlines has said that firing staff who refuse to get a coronavirus vaccine is "just the right thing to do".

Around 300 of the airline's 67,000 US based staff are yet to comply with the strict policy, after an initial deadline of 27 September, reports BBC.

Vaccine hesitancy has been a hugely divisive issue in the US but President Biden recently made it easier for big companies to take a tougher line.

CEO Scott Kirby says United's strict policy is "about saving lives".

More than 250 staff have complied with United's policy since last week's deadline. A further 2,000 employees have requested an exemption on medical or religious grounds. They haven't all been granted, but final numbers won't be clear until legal processes are resolved.

Any dismissal process could take weeks or months as the company says it would follow agreements with trade unions.