Monday, 18 October, 2021

Munia's death: PBI summons Nusrat as they found inconsistencies in her allegations

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  • 2nd October, 2021 09:50:20 AM
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Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), a specialised unit of law enforcement agency assigned to investigate the case filed over the death of college girl Mosarat Jahan Munia, summoned compliant Nusrat Tania to be interrogated about incoherencies in her allegations.

The PBI asked Nusrat to met investigating officer of the case within next couple of days to clarify the inconsistencies they found in her case.

Multiple sources believe that many secret issues of the case will be unveiled by interrogating Nusrat.

A PBI source said Nusrat had lodged two complaints over the death of Munia but there are no consistencies in the allegations.

Firstly, Nusrat filed a suicide incitement case with Gulshan police station stating that Munia took her own life.

Secondly, Nusrat filed another case against Bashundhara Group Managing Director, his wife, father, mother and four others with Dhaka Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-8 mentioning that Munia was raped and killed.

The allegations in the two cases are inconsistent and there is no similarity between the two cases.

Legal analysts said if anyone wants to file a complaint then the police station or court will accept first allegation and there has no way to backtrack from the first allegation. Unfortunately, Nusrat seems to have filed the second case taking a U-turn from the first case. It is clear that the case is motivated.

Multiple sources said discrepancy between the two allegations proved that the second case has been filed intentionally with an ulterior motive to blackmail.

According to the investigating officers, there are three inconsistencies in the case filed by Nusrat under Women and Children Repression Prevention (Amendment) Act 2020.

1. In the case statement, Nusrat mentioned that Munia was killed but she did not say when or how she was killed. Time and place are crucial in any murder case and one of the accused must be present at the scene of the murder. Experts believe that this is the biggest flaw in the case.

2. Munia talked to Nusrat in the day of the incident but she never said she may die or might have been killed. Rather, Munia wanted to spend some moment outside Dhaka.

3. All the words of a person before his/ death are considered as last statement. Munia did not claim to have been raped anywhere in her last statement.

So, the investigating officer is working with these three inconsistencies of the case.

It is learnt that PBI has already gone a long way in the investigation. The investigation agency has already seized Munier's diary, other papers, call record and footage of CCTV cameras which were installed in the flat where Munia died on April 26.