Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Thanks to social media, mother-son reunite after 70 years in Bramanbaria

Thanks to social media, mother-son reunite after 70 years in Bramanbaria

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After posting his plea on social media, a man aged 82 has recently got reunited with his 100-year-old mother after 70 years in Bancharampur of Brahmanbaria amid tears of joy.

Abdul Kuddus Munsi, aged 10 during the time of his disappearance, was lost while visiting Rajshahi with his uncle.

After a few days, his parents gave up all hopes to get him back as they were firm to their belief that Kuddus, their only son, was murdered by his uncle because of property.

When a lost Kuddus, was wandering on unknown Rajshahi streets during the time, he was picked up by a man named Sadeq and was raised by him like his own.

Time passed, the boy grew into a man, got married and now is a father of three grown-up sons and five daughters.

Hearing the tale of the lost child, a businessman posted a video of Kuddus on Facebook in April, appealing for help in finding his parents.

All Kuddus could remember about his first decade was the name of his parents and his village (Nabinagar).

The post caught eye of a distant relative and he informed Kuddus that his 110-year old mother Mongola Nessa was still alive.

While talking to UNB, Kuddus said,” I was baffled when I first saw my mother after 70 years first in a facebook video call. “

My mother said, “You are my long lost child.”

To be sure, I asked her, “Please tell me one of my distinguishing marks or features if you remember any.”

She said, “The thumb of your left hand has a tear mark as you were wounded once as a child,”

“Tears started rolling down my cheeks”, said an emotional Kuddus adding “I thought I was living a fantasy because at that very moment I became sure that I was on the verge of reuniting with my family after 70 long years.”

Immediately, he set out for Brahmanbaria, his childhood home and over the weekend the mother and son were reunited at his sister’s residence in Bancharampur.

“My mother is very old and she can't speak properly,” he said. “She was crying after seeing me and holding my hands.”

“I told her that your son is back and you don't have to worry about anything.” He said. “It feels like I have been reborn after finding my family back once again.”

“That was the happiest moment of my life,” a beaming Kuddus told journalists