Thursday, 9 December, 2021

‘Today we feel you with the great love.’

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  • 30th September, 2021 03:47:28 PM
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‘Today we feel you with the great love.’

It arrived in Bengal four decades ago. Then the country across terrible hostile situation! What a tumbledown state plagued by hunger and poverty! After independence, the new country is like a bottomless basket! It’s determined dream with the marginalized children of this backward country! It begins the insistent efforts with the dedicated people! Gradually, the dream of running around the country at immediate speed! It’s liberal realization has already taken a very careful place in the jewel of marginalized people!

It’s impact are floating in the streets, fields, ghats, roads and deserts today. Along with the government, the great initiatives have been made by it to show dreams to millions and millions of children! By the slow walking, those little children of that day have become self-reliant and have written a new history! Now many of them are leading in various sectors to become high-ranking officers! That little children of that day is like a new history today! It’s perfect contribution to the overall development of remote areas and even the change in positive behavior makes us think newly!

This is the day! However, a lot of time has passed today. The moments that remind happiness on the canvas of memory come to mind. Those colorful days - the time in the shadow of which our predecessors and we were nurtured. The all memories are wrapped up in the depths of the chest; when it is shaken, it falls like the hyacinth of the morning. We remember those very much today! Everything from fifty years ago seems to be just a memory today.

By this time, we have already fallen in love with so many people! With great love, compassion and dependence, we walk the path! It's a heavenly feeling to see the 'friendship' and 'compromise' between us on our running way in the daily life! In the meantime, many of us have passed away in heaven from it! Today, we find those predecessors back to nostalgia very newly! Although all over the world today there is unrest, distrust, murder, destruction; but it seems to be steadfast - in its own ideals! To save the dreams of upcoming children, it still stay awake all the time like a vigilant watchman! The light that many people in this country have received from him, that is why it’s birth was successful!

As it came to Bengal before five decades ago, the ‘equality’ is cultivated today irrespective of religion, caste and gender! Everyone who took shelter in it’s lap in a festive atmosphere with a mixture of mutual respect is like a name of 'humility'. In this way, fifty years have past of journey! To nurture it’s ideals; even today, many wise & dedicated personnel continue to dedicate themselves.

Woven in the colorful thread of emotion, the magic will never be torn at all! The original artisan is a favorite name in every sketch of it’s skillful craftsmanship, which came to Bengal five decades ago today with many possibilities! On it’s arrival, happiness exploded on the faces of the marginalized people including the children. The frustrated crowd congratulated in a harmonious voice even in the midst of hundreds of engagements! All public and private guests still respond to it’s call. In the crowd, despite many sacrifices, it’s harsh journey has not stopped even today. In the flow of time, it always moves in a new town or in a new village! It’s dream-effort-concentration-success revealed earlier that it is no doubt a blessing for us!

Fifty years have passed since we see it today. In spite of the humble worship to it; in reality, many may leave it’s chest empty-handed. This sacred friendship may take a-ne-a away or in the battle of real life, its untimely death will happen in one fell jump....! Moreover we are crossing the inaccessible path by accepting this difficult destiny of reality! Now, the memories are constantly swinging in the back of the mind! The desires hidden in the mind will wake up in groups, energetic team will whisper; maybe we'll be a clown news of that day but ‘Youth’ will never be tied to the age bound! Maybe the day is  very near, when we will move somewhere else! 

Today is 30th September of 2021. Everyone in this country is looking forward to congratulate it on it’s 50th birthday. Let us unanimously wish-may it always be good; Our genuine love for it which never ending!
We think the name will remain in all hearts again in the future! Time and time again, we wish for our favorite WORLD VISION!

Written by: Md. Tanjimul Islam,
Coordinator, Advocacy & Social Accountability
World Vision