Saturday, 16 October, 2021

999 call: Coast Guard rescues 15 stranded fishermen from sea

Bangladesh Coast Guard rescued 15 fishermen who had been stranded on a trawler for three days in the Bay of Bengal after receiving a call from the National Emergency Service 999 on Sunday.

The trawler with the fishermen was adrift in the sea about 15-20 km south-east of Bhasan Char after an engine failure on Thursday. It sailed from Noakhali’s Hatia on September 20.

On Sunday afternoon one of the stranded fishermen named Jewel called 999 for help on the third day of their plight soon after network his mobile got back network. He also informed about their location.

The SOS was immediately relayed to the control of the coast guard as well as their team at Bhsan Char, which rushed to rescue the fishermen.

Bhasanchar Coast Guard JCO Shafiq, a member of the rescue team, confirmed the rescue operation..

The rescued fishermen were later brought to Bhasan Char, he added.