Sunday, 24 October, 2021

All students of NU instructed to receive Covid-19 vaccine

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 18th September, 2021 02:09:11 PM
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All students, teachers, officials and employees of the National University (NU) have been  asked to receive Covid-19 vaccine. 

In this regard, directives were sent to all educational institutions from the NU on September 16 (Thursday).

Those who have not yet received Covid-19 vaccine have been  instructed to complete registration in the Surrokkha app of the government by September 27 and receive the vaccine. 

The notification of the NU stated that students who are 18-year-old or above 18 and who have no national identity card (NID) will have to collect the birth registration certificate within the next three working days (September 21) and enter the number at this link

The NU will take effective measure so that students concerned can receive Covid-19 vaccine at the local level subject to certification.