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Dream comes True!

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  • 17th September, 2021 10:33:01 PM
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Dream comes True!

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"Learn as much as you can while you are young since life becomes too busy later.” – Dana Stewart Scott

Maybe that's why Dana Stewart Scott said that the beautiful learning moments of childhood will forever be covered in love. The beautiful moments of life may not be framed but they are stored in the corner of the memory. How many memories, how many unnamed stories are surrounding in school life?
The stories are adapted to real life and put our minds in the world of dreams. Sometimes school story-singing periods, naughtiness in the classroom or running around at tiffin time - all write their names in the favourite notebook, like a little spark of a fairy tale. Although school life stopped in the online cycle, we were not lost. To bring back those fond memories, ‘Dream School ’- a online based school is playing a crucial role.
Dream School, meaning ‘shopner school' in Bengali. Where kids will learn something new in a fun way. Our main goal is to teach our children how to be more lively by mixing the rules of reading and writing. It is pre-school, last year the child who was four years old has dropped to five but this time the children could not be admitted to school during the corona pandemic but the implementation of such a proposal so that they do not lag in education in any way.
The school was the first to launch online in May 2021 with a few students. The Rahman brothers, Shamim Rahman and Ejaz-ur-Rahman Sajal were behind its implementation. Sadia and Ayesha are the coaches. The funny thing here is that we call teachers 'coaches'. The difference between a teacher and a coach is that teachers do not take responsibility for the failures of their students but coaches do. We celebrate the success as well as the failure of every child in the class because we know ‘Failure is the pillar of success.
So, surely one or two people do not work behind such a big responsibility. We have a dedicated team of fifteen to twenty people. From the ‘happiness box’(It’s a learning material which is given by Dream School)  of the school to the ‘magic’ of the class, there is the relentless work of every person in this team. When we hear the word 'happiness box', we feel a sense of happiness, we deliver all the elements of Sonamani's study through this happiness box before the start of the class. Each class is organized with fun content, contests and a variety of fun items for the kids. A few days ago, on August 27, we had a drawing competition where our little angels gave their best performances. More than one child from France and London was also associated with the country's gold rush. Many more exciting contents are about to unleash in the future!

Let’s have a look from the guardians’ perspective who willingly and enthusiastically enrolled their kid/s in our pre-school program:

  • “During off days, my kid misses her class and on the day of class she can’t wait for it to begin.”
  • “Before I had to tell my kid to study but now she does it by her own will. I am happy she does it routinely now.”
  • “Although my kid is very young but I am glad he shows interest in his studies. Moreover, he practices the letters by himself and this was possible because of his interest and of course Dream School”

All these comments helped us experience the fruit of success but it was much more rewarding when we got to hear from one of our mischievous student Ayman’s mother Mrs. Kohinoor Siddiqa Ma’am. Ma’am had a wonderful response when asked about her and Ayman’s experience in Dream School - “Dream School’s approach in teaching is absolutely unique, different and amazing in its own way which helped kids learn and understand better regarding academics”.

This is how Dream School gained trust, respect and made it a highly reputatable pre-school program among the guadians within just a month. Moreover, the study methods and techniques has left the guardians in awe. Dream School is unlike any other traditional institutions. In this journey, we tweaked the traditional methods of learning and brought together the best teaching tactics from around the world and incorporated in our pre-school program. This program runs only for 4 months for each batch with only 3 classes weeekly. Our coaches are trained in human development, psychology and by implementing growth mindset we bring a unique experience in child rearing and brain development in our Dream School. It also teaches children patience, taking turns and promotes communication skills. A child's first five years are a time of immense physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development and the events that occur during this time can have an impact on a child's readiness to learn. We need to know our brain, nurture it, boost it and Dream School is all about promoting brain and cognitive development and without it our program remains incomplete. In Dream School, we address coaches training and certification and also student-coach ratio. Here, coaches work with the children on respecting others and working together like a family. Children build their social skills, language skills, and self-control by playing and learning together. We are aware of the fact that children express themselves in unique ways and as creativity is beneficial to all areas of learning and may be exhibited in a variety of ways, hence, our pre-school program is designed in a certain way that ensures all the necessities.

It’s never too early to start learning and this is done by fun and joy in our Dream School. With us, your child will explore and have a safe, nurturing and enriching environment to learn and grow. If you are worried about your child’s future and confused which pre-school to approach with then you are exactly in the right place. Happy Pre-Schooling!

Written By: Samiha, Muskan.