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August 15, 1975 Massacre

Earnestly Hoping for New Enquiry Commission (Part-1)

  • Anwar A. Khan
  • 16th September, 2021 04:27:19 PM
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Earnestly Hoping for New Enquiry Commission (Part-1)

I fall in the group of citizens who earnestly want ‘a new commission should be set up to enquire about the undiscovered conspirators and killers of Bangabandhu, his family and the four national leaders.’

The entire black chapter of our history has led many to seek the truth who like me have sought, but I think it will be found the bloc of Pentagon-CIA-ISI-China-Bangladesh’s military and civil bureaucrats as well as anti-Bangladesh liberation forces both at home and abroad had caused these havocs in August-November, 1975.

"Seek and ye shall find" has always been the case with us. But during the long past, what we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country was headed, firm in the belief that it would always be there for them. This is the way the largest population group has been manipulated to react, and their attitude plays right like into the hands of the secret government.

The only way we can come to grips with the reality of the conspirators’ success is by mentioning and discussing the secret societies, front organisations, government agencies, international businesses, and many of entities and foundations whose leading lights make up the membership of the Committee of 300 - the ultimate controlling body that runs the world and has done so for at least a hundred years.

The brutal murdering events at My Lai, Vietnam became public a year later. Several American army officers were brought to trial in 1971, but only Lieutenant Calley was convicted, but he was also released from prison in 1974. This is so sad that we can’t bear it.

Even after 75 years, the Nazi killers are being located, arrested and prosecuted. They are getting due punishment. People like me and many more people in Bangladesh strongly demand behind the scene big-shot master-minds, both local and foreign, to bring them in front of public in general and inflict due punishment to set a burning example before the public eyes.

Horrific scenes can be derived from those bestial slayings which got bechanced by those kingbolts from behind the curtain. Then, why not bring them to book?

Bangladesh was attained in 1971 after a 9-month long bloodbath to grave the so-called two-nation theory. And it was successfully buried. It is a land of people where people of all religions must live together in peace and we fought valiantly with patriotism in 1971 for establishing that very spirit, in other words, secularism along with some other core spirits.

Secularism is one of the four fundamental principles according to the original 1972 Constitution of Bangladesh. The secularism principle was removed from the constitution in 1977 by depraved military ruler Gen Zia.  Islam was declared the state religion in 1988 by another devil military ruler Gen Ershad. In 2010, the Bangladesh Supreme Court restored secularism, but Islam remained the state religion, though the state doesn’t have anything to do with religion. Religion is solely the personal affair of a citizen.

According to prominent journalist and notable columnist Abdul Gaffar Chaudhury (AGC), “It was very clear that the motive of the killers was to destroy the foundation of a secular state - Bangladesh and to make it a medieval religious state in the model of Pakistan.” He is purely right when he writes or pronounces these words.

In an article penned by eminent journalist and celebrated columnist Syed Badrul Ahsan (SBA) titled, “All those men . . . on 15 August 1975 and after” which appeared in the English Opinion Pages of www.bdnews.com on 15th August, 2017. In this piece, he wrote and described how Bangladesh was made one of the dark places of the earth “on 15 August 1975 and after.”

Mushtaq, the lone Punic character of Bangabandhu’s cabinet adopting a despicable scheme kissed publicly on the cheek of Bangabandhu Mujib to prove his allegiance to his leader (this picture was released in the-then newspapers). In order to cozen, he was so jerry-built that he gained ground to receive Bangabandhu’s fond touching on his face vide the photograph of Bangabandhu’s Judas in this article.

SBA further stated that “Forty-two years (now 46 years) after the assassination … it is time to plumb the depths of the tragedy which took hold of our collective life in that sad summer…” Yes, it has to be. To dig out the key foxy players both local and foreign, who acted behind the screens for all these felonious crimes, their faces must be brought to light. Rise up and salute the sun – the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was the solitary sky-touching figure during his times of politics across the world because of his attributes of leadership. We should imitate him in all glory and dignity. If we choose to, we will not be second to him in anything.

Bangabandhu’s brutal murder truly paints the hearts of darkness of some wretched men’s execrable dissembles, and posits in the body of the work. But Mushtaq and those morally reprehensible men, both at home and abroad, have no place in our lives. In fact, these ruffians’ place must be the outfall at a far-off grime place.

‘The national tragedy of 1975 till 1996’ was a watershed moment which divided the nation, but that was made united on a very solid solitary platform by Bangabandhu Mujib and his true-blue lieutenants on his 7th March speech in 1971 which continued till his brutal killing on 15 August, 1975.

The tragedy… should not have occurred unless and until the defeated forces of 1971 were patronised designedly to serve their inauspicious purposive.

We must rectify in our work and in our effort the dastardly tragedy that happened to Bangabandhu, our four national leaders and the utter damage done to the adorable secular fabric of our society. At least, we have every right to know the names of those local and foreign head honchos who playacted back end the screen veiling their unbeautiful faces!

So, it is truly true when AGC writes, “After the national tragedy of 1975 till 1996 those who ruled Bangladesh were the beneficiaries of the killing of Bangabandhu and their motive was the same - to destroy a non-communal state” which we attained in 1971 at supreme sacrifices of our three million martyrs.

A daring covert operation was planned and carried-out then by the anti-Bangladesh liberation forces, CIA and ISI…

AGC’s article in The Asian Age analyses fetchingly the conspiracies that affected our societal fabric prodigiously. It presents how the conspirators in deceiving people about well-known crimes which brought them benefited. It also shows AGC’s stylus in presenting how to stop them.

I am also sure the hidden dictatorial power of the bloc has established the conspiracy which helped them stay in power for more than two decades. It planned to conquer the world of Bangladesh by corruption, cheating and dividing people, and by usurping the throne of the country unlawfully.

Gaffar Chaudhury has correctly detected and spotted, “But the conspiracy is still alive and like a chameleon the living conspirators change their colour from time to time. These conspirators who are still active under disguise are working inside and outside of Awami League. So, to save the country and its democratic and secular foundation, these conspirators should be discovered through a neutral enquiry commission and exposed to the public so that all future conspirators are warned and the enemy of the people are discouraged not to engage in further conspiracies.”

It is also equally true that “a conspiracy which is dangerous and aided by outside forces and continues to destroy the ideals of a state should not be tolerated and many countries have routed such conspirators.” I also strongly believe, if a new strong enquiry commission is soon set-up, it will be able to discover those very shocking truths of our calamitous history of 1975-1996.

The writer is an independent political analyst who writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, current and international affairs