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Last 2 hours can unearth mystery of Munia’s death

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  • 19th September, 2021 01:55:03 PM
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Last 2 hours can unearth mystery of Munia’s death

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has started investigation to unearth the mystery of the death of college student Mosarat Jahan Munia at her Gulshan flat in the capital.

The PBI has earned a good name at home and abroad for its extraordinary efficiency and professionalism.

Members of the police unit are capable of digging out clues behind any criminal offence. After taking charge as PBI chief in 2016, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Banaj Kumar Majumder has taken the organisation to new heights.

He has introduced new software to preserve case documents digitally and established a modernised forensic lab for PBI.

The outcome of investigation into any case by the unit of police is beyond controversy. Mysteries of many critical and sensitive cases were unfolded due to efficient and brilliant investigations conducted by PBI officials.

Mosarat Jahan Munia was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26. Her elder sister Nusrat Jahan Tania filed a “false” case against Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir for instigating suicide.

After a thorough investigation, police submitted the Final Report to the court on July 19, saying allegation against Sayem Sobhan Anvir was not proved.

The court received the report on July 22. After hearing, the court exonerated the lone accused from the charges on August 18.

At the same time, the court also dismissed the Naraji (no confidence) petition submitted by Nusrat against the police report which led to an end of the false case.

Six days into the dismissal of the case, Nusrat filed another case with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-8 of Dhaka.

She shifted from her previous position. She accused Sayem Sobhan Anvir, his father, mother, wife and some others of committing rape and murder of Munia.

So, PBI investigators are desperately trying to find an answer to a question as to who were present at the Munia’s flat in the last moment.

PBI sources said it is very important to know who were present at the place of occurrence. A murderer must be physically present at the spot while committing the murder.

Phone call records show that Munia last talked to her elder sister Nusrat two hours before her death. Munia asked her sister to bring banana. It means that Munia died anytime of the two hours after her last conversation.

The eight accused, including Anvir, cannot be blamed for the death as none of them visited the flat, said the people connected to the investigation.

PBI sources said Munia case is not complicated one as she died in her own rented flat.  They said the people who visited within 24 hours into the death or last two hours might be held responsible for the death.

The clue behind the death of Munia will be found by analysing CCTV footage and interrogating her sister Nusrat Jahan Tania, said the sources.

It is learnt that three persons visited the flat of Munia at the behest of her sister Nusrat before the death. The trio was very close to Nusrat.

They used to visit the flat most frequently. They were present at the Gulshan police station when Nusrat filed suicide incitement case. They accompanied her on the court premises also.

So, involvement of three persons is main determining factor to dig out the clue behind Munia’s death. Investigation into three persons can clarify as to whether Munia committed suicide or she was murdered. If she is really murdered, the trio will not be able to avoid responsibility.

Complicity of the last-moment visitors is vital as Munia’s sister Nusrat filed case accusing Anvir and his family members while victim’s brother Ashikur Rahman Sabuj filed a case against accusing Jatiya Sangsad Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury’s son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun of committing the murder.

The case filed on May 2 by Sabuj was kept suspended pending outcome of the incitement case filed by Tania. Although Tania’s case was dismissed by the court, the murder case filed by Sabuj is yet to be proceeded.

Legal experts said there is no scope for proceedings of the third case without trial of the case filed by the victim’s brother. Besides, the Constitution of the country does not allow filing of more than one against a person in connection with an incident.

Advocate Md Abdullah Abu, Public Prosecutor (PP) of the Metropolitan Session Judge Court of Dhaka, said, “The second case filed by Munia’s brother was stayed in the interest of handling the first case filed by Nusrat. Now that the first case has been settled, the second case will continue. There can be no more cases before the second case is settled.”

“If the plaintiff in the previous case thinks that there has been any negligence, he may object. But, she cannot sue again on the same subject. No case can be filed like this, there is no law,” he added.

Arfan Uddin Khan, a senior lawyer with the Dhaka Bar Association, said, “It was unprecedented to file a ‘murder case’ against the same plaintiff after ‘suicide incitement’. I have never seen such a case in my life.”

He said, “The murder case filed by his elder brother (Ashikur Rahman Sabuj) could not be stayed. The court should have referred it to the same investigating officer. Since the suicide result came, I don't think the court can give the murder case to PBI.”

Golam Mostafa, former president of the Dhaka Bar Association, said, “When the case of incitement to suicide did not find evidence against the accused in the final report, where would the murder case come from. There will be no benefit in re-investigating the case. The autopsy report is the same, the symptoms and the surrounding condition are the same. What will be found by re-investigating there.”